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insidemyhead22 . 1 hour ago

The 44k dislikes kinda deters me


Ismail . 2 hours ago

I got a test tomorrow, why the heck I can't sleep...


hainkostof . 4 hours ago

Good night from outer space. It is Always night here.


ACE INFINITY TV . 5 hours ago

That's making me go to sleep

Fahad Khaled

Fahad Khaled . 6 hours ago

Enjoy your life!

Menno Iedema

Menno Iedema . 6 hours ago

Goodnight from mars

Moneir Henawey

Moneir Henawey . 8 hours ago

Nice music 2019

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh . 9 hours ago

This sleep music is just amazing..the vibes you feel..the aura you enter into..calms all your senses and body..wish you all..random readers... a pleasant sleep and a worth cherishing day ahead of the beautiful sleep..sleep well😇

Vladimír Mauler

Vladimír Mauler . 9 hours ago


Educator Of Needy

Educator Of Needy . 9 hours ago

Iam typing randomly in my sleep fr the person scrolling through comments😁👍👍


Dr.Shubreet . 10 hours ago

Who is here in march 2021??

Arish Makhdoom

Arish Makhdoom . 10 hours ago

Kinda feeling sleepy 😴 .so yeah good night YouTube sweet dreams

Sudhir Bhosale

Sudhir Bhosale . 11 hours ago

bhai jisko hai tension usko nind nahi aati uske liye 2peg isse accha kaam karenge.

Kunal Dubey

Kunal Dubey . 11 hours ago

i have an argument with my sister.. i knw c wd never ever talk to me ever... just wanted her back.

Ishu Grace

Ishu Grace . 12 hours ago

Good night❤❤

Armaan Khan

Armaan Khan . 12 hours ago

Good night 🌃😴

Jiten Kalita

Jiten Kalita . 13 hours ago

I proud of natural beauty I love to god because god made this beautiful World

Jiten Kalita

Jiten Kalita . 13 hours ago

I now that relax is the best medicine

Jiten Kalita

Jiten Kalita . 13 hours ago

Iam very very very very relaxe

Dennis Ac-ac

Dennis Ac-ac . 14 hours ago

I hope one day, we could actually close the screen on YouTube and just listen to the sound.

Terasu Ama

Terasu Ama . 14 hours ago

PEACE OF ALL FELLAS 😘😘😘😘 👇 click here

Mary Joyce Garcia

Mary Joyce Garcia . 16 hours ago

Good Night from philippines

Delilah Baby

Delilah Baby . 17 hours ago


Jon Ogren

Jon Ogren . 18 hours ago

I can't sleep! Praying this helps.

Johnny Bender

Johnny Bender . 19 hours ago

zzzzzzz Since I'm sleeping I will NOT be able to add a comment. zzzzzzz


BoringMusics . 21 hours ago

If you listening this music you not sleep yet.


uhmil . 21 hours ago

I’m 18, and I start my first job in 5 hours and I haven’t slept yet. It’s 4:10AM in New York rn and I’ve been using this to help me sleep sometimes since I was 13, the anxiety tonight won’t let me tho. Bless u all and goodnight 🖤

DarkTrapz fd

DarkTrapz fd . 21 hours ago

Hey you, stop reading the comments and go to bed....

Little Suruk

Little Suruk . 21 hours ago

this is the best one i think

They Call Me TJ

They Call Me TJ . 1 day ago

OK google. Put me to sleep... Zzzz

Shanta Grier

Shanta Grier . 1 day ago

this is nice I gets

Ashish Sethi

Ashish Sethi . 1 day ago

Thanks for giving me a good sleep last night.❤️

Lacey Williams

Lacey Williams . 1 day ago

Goodnight From georgia!!


ぱかあほ . 1 day ago

日本人の方いますか? 私は不眠症でこの動画に辿り着きました

Lachla N

Lachla N . 1 day ago

Good night strangers


MARIA QADIR . 1 day ago

Can't sleep I'm in 2 much pain pray for Mee guys😔😓

Stevin Pj

Stevin Pj . 1 day ago

I can't sleep 😭😭 I got broken up with 2 months ago. I'm still so hurt by it.


karolwithaz . 1 day ago


Lothar BR

Lothar BR . 1 day ago

Sleep In *2019*

Taraba Vala

Taraba Vala . 1 day ago

Gud night.....india

Theresa Balchus

Theresa Balchus . 1 day ago

I'm only at 1:42 and I'm already soooo sleepy. Thank you for sharing this. In gratitude.

Duy Vinh Tran

Duy Vinh Tran . 1 day ago

Fr I dont know if this work or not but Im yawning 1min into the video wth 😮

Tejas Krishna

Tejas Krishna . 2 days ago

Stop seeing the comment and go 2 sleep

LastMin Tech

LastMin Tech . 2 days ago

I lost it at 15:07 Whats your time

Vijayan Joseph

Vijayan Joseph . 2 days ago

Good night Malaysia

Thai Tran

Thai Tran . 2 days ago


ᗠᗴᐺ ᒏᗋᑍGᕼᗴᘂ

ᗠᗴᐺ ᒏᗋᑍGᕼᗴᘂ . 2 days ago

Please tell me if a pregnant women can listen this music.. Is it safe for developing child in mothers womb?

Issam dahleh

Issam dahleh . 2 days ago

There are people who care about you. And a God who will always love you. Now take a deep breath, press play, exhale, close your eyes, and sleep..thnx GOD ..

Issam dahleh

Issam dahleh . 2 days ago

it.s nice sweet relaxing music. thnx. admin

MayJen Arey

MayJen Arey . 2 days ago

Still listening? 9:38 PM Febuary 18 2019 😅

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