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Cardi B and Offset BREAK UP! – Part 2
The Real Daytime

The Real Daytime

Published on 3 months ago

Cardi B and Offset have officially called it quits after being married a year. Real fam, when you think back on your last breakup, how far into the relationship did you see red flags?

Melanie Aldershoff

Melanie Aldershoff . 2 months ago

Card I tried to do the right thing because she had the baby


Chromeize . 2 months ago

This show looks about as stupid as every other daytime talk show BUT that woman on the far left is god damn fine.

Jacob Perkins

Jacob Perkins . 2 months ago

Some of the dumbest women i have ever witnessed in one room


Mzladylocks . 2 months ago

I certainly know about the first year of marriage, because it happened to me. Within my first year of marriage I knew my Ex-husband was not for me. I ended up being legally separated to him for 16 years, until he granted me my divorce. I wanted him to divorce me because he messed it up, so I wanted him to clean it up, another was because I really don't believe in divorce due to how I was raised up, but I tell you guy's, those 16 years I acted like I was single the whole entire time, having so much fun in my make believe single life, until I actually had my divorce papers in my had, then I really jumped for joy and freedom. So ladies do not wait long and let it linger if you feel that it's not going to work, just move on and not let the years go by.


SmiteIsfun . 2 months ago

Greedy ass women who only want and never give lol

Gabriel Jackson

Gabriel Jackson . 2 months ago

Your Show doing that bad shts trivial, next you'll be talking about how rihanna farted in her bathwater and lebron froze it in ice cubes, to drink in his cognac? Or Ciamond.... soaked his feet in cinnamon water for 2hrs, and bottled it for sell, as Players aid....3H one sip, and your GAME is On!

Jermaine Woodard Jr.

Jermaine Woodard Jr. . 2 months ago

Jeannie Mai, I never have words. What a strong, robust spiritually-awakened woman. I’m also thankful for Adrienne testifying to a man’s intuition. Being black, queer, and deeply spiritual - my intuition is often times activated like a woman’s. Just like Ade, I “like” to think overarchingly women’s intuition is a little sharper and transparent.....but every human being has it — gut-feeling, intuition, signs and signals, flags, and a spirit. Listen to that. JM....on point.

Shane Fowler

Shane Fowler . 2 months ago

These girls are morons.


kkk . 2 months ago

the real phony circus 🎪 racist 🤡 s side show step right uo folks step right up come see what racist / h8 really looks like 👉🏼🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️👈🏼

Joanna Herodotou

Joanna Herodotou . 2 months ago

Adrienne's hair is perfect here, the color is just great on her.

Perdido Atlantic

Perdido Atlantic . 2 months ago

Women have gone off the rails with their stupidity.

Focused All Day

Focused All Day . 2 months ago

They can only hold up that mask for so long.

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson . 2 months ago

Bunch of trashy hookers

k man

k man . 2 months ago

The poo poo Brown show


M . 2 months ago

She love them thugs, them roughnecks. How that work out?

Princess Leonard

Princess Leonard . 2 months ago

He cheated numerous times tho. Y'all not even talking about that. He needs to take accountability for his Actions. Cardi deserves better.

Sherry Vincent

Sherry Vincent . 2 months ago

Didn't he have sex with another woman while newly married? Let's figure out what that means and then go from there

Larry Fisher

Larry Fisher . 2 months ago

What the hell are you talking about public influences??? The public had nothing to do with him putting his dick into another woman come on give me a fucking break


Kenturah . 2 months ago

I agree.. I was married.. Actually still is legally... Been spereated for 2 years... The first couple of months I was married too him.. I knew deep down inside it wasnt going to last..


georgiapeach2020 . 2 months ago


Bill Brasky

Bill Brasky . 2 months ago

most women i've ever met were backstabbing cunts that are only loyal to themselves, stop putting yourselves on a pedestal.

Renee Lemos

Renee Lemos . 2 months ago

Nah dont blame us for your dick in someone else and you got caught..... keep streping dumb ass offset or whatever your dum name is.

Luis Alejandro Beauty

Luis Alejandro Beauty . 2 months ago

I love the Real 😍

your husband

your husband . 2 months ago

they really thought that ghetto ass romance was gonna last.

Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez . 2 months ago

So fake such a lier!!


srpatterson10 . 2 months ago

I needed to hear this although I'm not married. But, you know when it's time to end a relationship.

John Wayne

John Wayne . 2 months ago


matalie cortes

matalie cortes . 2 months ago

Bruh the views are 66..

Miss Jewells

Miss Jewells . 2 months ago

Offsets “y’all won” is bs! It shows blame and not accountability! Should’ve kept his weenie in his pants.

jay cruz

jay cruz . 2 months ago

If a woman intuitions are so accurate why should they be entitled to alimony. .

Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez . 2 months ago

Adrienne seems to have a glow and no shade she looks like she’s gained a little weight not trying to shame if she isn’t pregnant

Averi Thompson

Averi Thompson . 2 months ago

I knew the day I got married that I made a mistake. It took me a year to leave. I’m thankful I didn’t “try to make it work” for ten years.

Stephanie Looby

Stephanie Looby . 2 months ago

Lol I knew she was about to say something like that "off on offset"

Taylor Kiko

Taylor Kiko . 2 months ago

Lol no offset is a cheater , theirs no other reason why they didn’t work , except for he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants .

Carpe Diem561

Carpe Diem561 . 2 months ago

A lot of people just get married just to say Im married and stay married but be unhappy like a mutha.

Cheyenne Nelson

Cheyenne Nelson . 2 months ago


Cheyenne Nelson

Cheyenne Nelson . 2 months ago


Cheyenne Nelson

Cheyenne Nelson . 2 months ago


Dani X

Dani X . 2 months ago

Idk why loni defending him , he cheated SEVERAL times. It’s not about the lifestyle he’s just a fucking cheater

Jon Myers

Jon Myers . 2 months ago

No! "Y'all won" is another excuse of a cheater who can't counterattack TRUE facts! C'mon now The Real

Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford . 2 months ago

It’s like, i like the topics on this show but can’t stay focused bc the panel annoys tf outta me how they constantly try to talk over each other 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

Shalair Wright

Shalair Wright . 2 months ago

Looonnniiii baaby damn everytime the word MAN or discussion about men you jump to agree or defend 😳 LORD STAAWWP

M M Foresight

M M Foresight . 2 months ago

Wow, I hope the best for Cardi B, and wow that offset is a narcissist, trying to blame everyone else for his nasty, lustful evil deeds. He has multiple children with different women, he sleeps with several other females and then says everyone else won. NO he thought he was winning by sticking it in every whore that open their legs. Stop trying to put your evil, nasty, demonic values that you show to the world and blame society. Real are people that are smart enough to see right through these narcissistic black males, when Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated he never blamed society and expected people felt sorry for him. Look at how deceitful and tricky these black guys are they are unfaithful dogs and are trying to put it on society that they lack character, values and morals, yeah right I'm not buying it.

Audra Folkes

Audra Folkes . 2 months ago

That's exactly why we've been taught moreover keep ppl out your ear.. #staywokeppl✌️


KR . 2 months ago

if you know your gonna get divorced before you get married, why you getting married for - cuz you STUPID !!!

Ms. LD

Ms. LD . 2 months ago

She deserves better while he's on a slippery slop to average. Quavo has already gone solo... Cardi now Grammy nominated... Whatta goofy 🤪

fashion me

fashion me . 2 months ago

I know she did the right thing, but it will always be sad...


L G . 2 months ago

Offset needs to stop thinking people cared enough to “ruin” his relationship, not one cared mate, we never “won” your dumbass just kept cheating stupid.


VoirJour . 2 months ago

This is so true! Hit the nail on the head! Womens intuition is a powerful thing and most definitely, we should use it more and please ourselves first! So true!!!

Christopher Troia

Christopher Troia . 2 months ago

She always make everythin about her when is about cardi not her

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