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Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut


Published on 3 months ago

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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

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Indigo Morgan

Indigo Morgan . 1 hour ago

I feel bad for the dad, the chooser was Ike so rude

Sarah Wellington

Sarah Wellington . 4 hours ago

1:13 killed me

Celinda Sanchez

Celinda Sanchez . 14 hours ago

"Hahathat ant yourdady

Kate Dancer :D

Kate Dancer :D . 15 hours ago

I think you should match pet to person

Mary T.

Mary T. . 1 day ago

I died at 1:45

emily somers

emily somers . 1 day ago

10 seconds in is the best

Yuna Ha

Yuna Ha . 1 day ago


Sabrina playz

Sabrina playz . 1 day ago

my mom is white and im black so he would pick us first if i was a baby and say i wasnt her baby xD

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor . 1 day ago

I don’t like babies. ThIs Is ThE cUtE oNe

asmr videos

asmr videos . 1 day ago

did you notice that the last parent baby pulled her hair and her mom said quick STOP


Russ . 2 days ago

It's fun in here

how tf you suck dick on accident

how tf you suck dick on accident . 2 days ago

... why would you call someone’s baby, that you don’t know at all, a beast?? sometimes this guy just 💆🏽‍♀️

C Rendon

C Rendon . 2 days ago

I love Karlos!!! Lol he's the honest friend every one needs hahaha

Apps' Videos

Apps' Videos . 3 days ago

"That's the cutest baby" the heck dude? Really? In front of all the parents?

Tania Pena

Tania Pena . 3 days ago

*or is the mailman* omg i cnat with him

Zayn Kloski

Zayn Kloski . 3 days ago

Now all hell would break lose if he wasn’t black and accused a black woman of having more than one kid. Get rid of him

phantom freddy

phantom freddy . 3 days ago

Is CUT related to HiHo?


youtube_addiction23 . 3 days ago

You should do this with dogs. That would be so hard, because they would be happy with anyone.

Isabella Zemelko

Isabella Zemelko . 3 days ago

2:44 Imagin how offended the father and mother of that baby must have felt😂😂😂

Razar Raz

Razar Raz . 3 days ago

How dare you assume those kids gender!!! Sarcasm...

Lost in the Stars

Lost in the Stars . 4 days ago

At 3:36 they're talking in their own mysterious language


SF7Gamer . 4 days ago

Whoever doesn't love Karlos, what are you doing? Karlos is the best guest on Cut.

Movement of Life

Movement of Life . 4 days ago

I definitely don't like Karlos. He tells the guy that the baby he's holding isn't his simply because he's white. Completely stupidity.

Real Kekee

Real Kekee . 4 days ago

He just said “congratulations to your wife for pushing out this beast”

Mastodon Jack

Mastodon Jack . 5 days ago

He is so disrespectful oh my god. It is kinda covered by his fun persona but jesus

Rachel Serenity

Rachel Serenity . 5 days ago

I do not judge her cause I am the same way but the Mom on the far right was very serious.

Georgia Elizabeth

Georgia Elizabeth . 5 days ago

he acts like every hispanic parent when they say they don’t want a dog. like “i don’t like babies” but then baby talks it’s so funny

Kitty Likes

Kitty Likes . 5 days ago

💀💀💀just the first few seconds of the video

Raena Brendtro

Raena Brendtro . 5 days ago

This is so cute

Lily Cui

Lily Cui . 5 days ago

Hi y'all random people if you don't mind checking out my new cover i'll really appreciate it and I know it's kinda cringe but I'll get better:)


K.K. LONDON . 5 days ago

Lmao that baby went right to her mom she was over it


ASH . 6 days ago

Chris rock?

Pamela Christie

Pamela Christie . 6 days ago

Lol very funny


Tee . 6 days ago

1:54 I think these are both her babies, not because she's Asian..... yes because she's Asian LMAO

SP Zone

SP Zone . 6 days ago

This guy has no filter. He's trying to sound funny but he's not.

terrica m

terrica m . 6 days ago

so cute.

faye witch

faye witch . 6 days ago

He's like I don't like kids but they love him.


TrapLordHodor . 6 days ago

Damn this gay dude kinda rude

My Kookie

My Kookie . 6 days ago

I like how he went from “I don’t like babies” to “your so cutteeee” Or he is a really good actor


nobody . 7 days ago

We need more of these baby and dog vids!

Saravana Anand

Saravana Anand . 7 days ago

Poor babies

Saravana Anand

Saravana Anand . 7 days ago

YaY April is in the vid (Austins mom from hiho kids)

Ahmad Sadiq

Ahmad Sadiq . 1 week ago

Is your partner darker or she just came out? lmao

Jayden Joaquin

Jayden Joaquin . 1 week ago

He called that baby a beast😂😂😂


lori . 1 week ago

"that aint yo baby"

Diana Prince Wonder Woman

Diana Prince Wonder Woman . 1 week ago

3:35 all babies talking to each other

Taliah Scott

Taliah Scott . 1 week ago

He’s so tactless omg

Random Name

Random Name . 1 week ago

By far the funniest intro to a video I've ever seen🤣🤣🤣

Smore Queen

Smore Queen . 1 week ago

😬😬😬😬 not sure how I felt about this episode


rungPHilo . 1 week ago

Karlos is very rude, why is he still used?

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