Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Published on 2 months ago

- Months after John's divorce, Ted and Tami-Lynn's marriage seems on the same road. To patch things up, Ted and Tami-Lynn plan to have a child with John's help, but their failed efforts backfire disastrously. Namely, Ted is declared property by the government and he loses all his civil rights. Now, Ted must fight a seemingly hopeless legal battle with an inexperienced young lawyer to regain his rightful legal status. Unfortunately, between Ted's drunken idiocies and sinister forces interested in this situation to exploit him, Ted's quest has all the odds against him.

munji juvette

munji juvette . 13 minutes ago

This movie is full of fun

Tait Jones

Tait Jones . 20 minutes ago

Funny, the guy dressed like the Tick at Comic-con was actually the voice of the Tick.

Nelson Ig

Nelson Ig . 1 hour ago

1:14;55😂 😂

Tait Jones

Tait Jones . 1 hour ago

"Help me get home" That's about what it's like smoking Dab.

call of duty player

call of duty player . 2 hours ago

I love it the the fuck there's so much porn!!

Tait Jones

Tait Jones . 2 hours ago

"you're covered in rejected black guy sperm. You look like a Kardashian! " Rotflmao This movie is so funny. Man I needed a good laugh

Nelson Ig

Nelson Ig . 2 hours ago

After seen your laptop I don't think you have any left 😂

Nelson Ig

Nelson Ig . 2 hours ago

Mr bele ;What the hell !😂 John to Mr bele we just need moment of your time😂 😂 😂 😜

Nelson Ig

Nelson Ig . 3 hours ago

Ted to the black woman; You have said it twice Is that actually a phrase or something 😂

Sunni Glasses

Sunni Glasses . 3 hours ago

its lit

Nelson Ig

Nelson Ig . 3 hours ago

She is our enemy now 😂

1k subscribers No videos???

1k subscribers No videos??? . 8 hours ago


Jasika Johny

Jasika Johny . 14 hours ago

Who's watching in 2019??? 😁

amro elkady

amro elkady . 15 hours ago

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Ahmed Mohammed

Ahmed Mohammed . 16 hours ago

Omg, that was hilarious😂 I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂👍❤ Thanks bro😉

Apple Flavored

Apple Flavored . 17 hours ago

"Jesus Christ That's A Big Black Cock (BBC)

Varel Leona

Varel Leona . 1 day ago

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dj diabetes

dj diabetes . 1 day ago

my fav part 16:34 to 17:59 you guys watch that for yourself xo

dj diabetes

dj diabetes . 1 day ago

his vid is amazing

Celia Carmody

Celia Carmody . 2 days ago

Thanks. Good movie and good quality 👍

Susan Williams

Susan Williams . 2 days ago

Have to give thank to the onces who very love you no matter what how they do you never give up from get what is your own from people

Bazerk cedeño

Bazerk cedeño . 2 days ago

Ted sounds just like petter griffin

Christ is coming soon amen

Christ is coming soon amen . 2 days ago

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M. Big

M. Big . 2 days ago

W la figa

Jerry G

Jerry G . 2 days ago

Thanks bro

King of life

King of life . 2 days ago

This is not a 2019 movie it’s 2016

Cristian Hernandez

Cristian Hernandez . 2 days ago

Im 9 year old old

Kimberly Walls

Kimberly Walls . 2 days ago

🎥 Ted 2 (2015) FULL MOVIE 💯✔️ Watch Now ➤➤ The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 2019 ➥ Quality : >> 720 P -1080 P R | 1h 55min | Comedy | La coppia di sposini Ted e Tami-Lynn vogliono avere un bambino, ma per essere qualificato genitore, Ted dovrà dimostrare di essere una persona in un tribunale. Regista: Seth MacFarlane Scrittori: Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin | Stelle: Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried | Trama Mesi dopo il divorzio di John, il matrimonio di Ted e Tami-Lynn sembra essere sulla stessa strada. Per sistemare le cose, Ted e Tami-Lynn hanno in programma di avere un figlio con l'aiuto di John, ma i loro sforzi falliti si sono ritorti contro disastrosamente. Cioè, Ted è dichiarato proprietà dal governo, e perde tutti i suoi diritti civili. Ora, Ted deve combattere una battaglia legale apparentemente senza speranza con un giovane avvocato inesperto per riconquistare il suo legittimo status legale. Sfortunatamente, tra le idiozie di Ted e le forze sinistre interessate a questa situazione per sfruttarlo, la ricerca di Ted ha tutte le probabilità contro di lui. Scritto da Kenneth Chisholm ( Sommario del grafico | Trama Sinossi Parole chiave di trama: avvocato | combattere | scena dopo i titoli di coda | processo | parlando orsacchiotto | Vedi tutto (258) » Taglines: gli amici di tuono sono tornati. Vedi altro " Generi: commedia Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) R nominale per contenuti greggi e sessuali, linguaggio pervasivo e uso di droghe | Vedi tutte le certificazioni » Guida per i genitori: Visualizza contenuto consultivo » modificare Dettagli Siti ufficiali: sito ufficiale | Sito ufficiale [Giappone] Paese: USA Lingua inglese Data di rilascio: 26 giugno 2015 (USA) Vedi altro » Conosciuto anche come: Ayi Teddy 2 Vedi altro » Luoghi delle riprese: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Vedi altro » modificare Botteghino Budget: $ 68.000.000 (stimato) Opening Weekend USA: $ 33,507,870, 28 giugno 2015, Wide Release Gross USA: $ 81,476,385 Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 215,863,606 Vedi di più su IMDbPro » Crediti aziendali Production Co: Universal Pictures, Media Rights Capital (MRC), Fuzzy Door Productions Vedi altro » Mostra di più su IMDbPro » Specifiche tecniche Durata: 115 minuti | 125 min (senza punteggio) Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | Datasat | SDDS | Dolby Surround 7.1 Colore: Colore Rapporto di formato: 2,39: 1


ReKO . 2 days ago

I wish Adam Sandler would take notes on these films

LEL gaming

LEL gaming . 3 days ago


Stev SNDFcTM99

Stev SNDFcTM99 . 3 days ago

Hahaha nice 👍👍👍

Dobre Kino

Dobre Kino . 3 days ago

New Movies here

Ntando Ntuli

Ntando Ntuli . 3 days ago

I'm really sorry Ted:me too The guy:yeah she is worse than us Ted: Yeah Shes our enemy now 😂

Ntando Ntuli

Ntando Ntuli . 3 days ago

I'm really sorry Ted:me too The guy:yeah she is worse than us Ted: Yeah Shes our enemy now 😂

Mr. T-Rex

Mr. T-Rex . 3 days ago

Awesome movie ! It's not just about love circle or being a human from another object. It's also about friendship of how much you appreciate each other as much as possible.

Ken Watson

Ken Watson . 3 days ago

Loved it great movie, needed something to make my day

Randy Molina

Randy Molina . 3 days ago

I really love this movie so much.

Daniel Jr

Daniel Jr . 3 days ago

41:00 😍


JACK PORT . 3 days ago

#shit happen

Carol Belino

Carol Belino . 3 days ago

Thank you for upload this movies

Tremayne Lenoy

Tremayne Lenoy . 3 days ago

My favourite movie ted1 & ted2

Beauty Lady

Beauty Lady . 3 days ago

Thank u i enjoyed it

Gerry Nightingale

Gerry Nightingale . 3 days ago

Here is my 'summation' to a Jury (although in reality, 'Ted' has no legal standing to a 'trial by jury' in the first instance) *Was 'Ted' alive in any sense before Johnny 'wished for him to be really alive?* *No? Then it was some 'Deity' who granted that wish, and by that 'supernatural event' man can say Ted is not a sentient, living being that was given life by some unknown 'Creator', and by that dicta, Ted is entitled to basic 'Rights' granted to all American people...and should be recognized as a singular 'special circumstance' as a 'Unique Person' by the Government*

Leon Hoda

Leon Hoda . 3 days ago

Dont go jogging on tusdays

Amazing Niggiss Comedy

Amazing Niggiss Comedy . 3 days ago

Watch and laugh out your sorrow Click here


ToniHunterOne . 3 days ago

LOL on the very end credit! Poor Liam.

DerpyPepper :D

DerpyPepper :D . 3 days ago


Lazy Jesus

Lazy Jesus . 3 days ago

“There are no chicks with dicks, only guys with tits” 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴🥴🥴🥴🤮🤤

Jeffrey Vonk

Jeffrey Vonk . 3 days ago

The political agenda woven into this film is utterly disgusting, and frankly the only reason it hasn't been pulled yet.

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