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Published on 2 weeks ago

Sayan Mandal

Sayan Mandal . 14 hours ago

Pakistanis have always been in terrorism

Jayparkash Yadav

Jayparkash Yadav . 19 hours ago

Nice movie nerja


Krupa PANDYA . 21 hours ago

👍Single woman is a more powerful , I salute nirja , Wonderful, I proud of you mam👍

Sonu Ravi

Sonu Ravi . 23 hours ago

Neerja bhanot is a brave girl she lives in our hearts❤💞💘💘❤💞

Pratyush J Borah

Pratyush J Borah . 23 hours ago

Neerja is a brave girl. Very emotional cinema.


DILKHUSH MEENA . 1 day ago

Khate h ki kisi ke kam jo aaye use insan khate h.paraya dard apnaye use insan khate h

liensi neog

liensi neog . 1 day ago

she is a brave girl




Amber Mansoori

Amber Mansoori . 2 days ago

Neerja is great person for ever

Irfan commando

Irfan commando . 2 days ago


Nazni Sweet

Nazni Sweet . 2 days ago

I wish...I can do at least 1% like neerja for my country

Ankita Anku

Ankita Anku . 2 days ago

Salute.... I love my India...I am crying 😖😖😖😖...

Swati Upadhyay

Swati Upadhyay . 2 days ago

She was really great leady.... I have one que in my mind some person disliked this movie why..... Because they are bad, corrupted and terrorist.....

Ideal Me

Ideal Me . 2 days ago

Really nice movie...all acted very well...proud of you neerja didi💐💐💐

Kiran Batra

Kiran Batra . 2 days ago

Sooo niceee

Lal H Punyo

Lal H Punyo . 2 days ago

I proud of nirja because she is a wonderful brave girl

Lal H Punyo

Lal H Punyo . 2 days ago

I proud of nirja because she is a wonderful brave girl

Dhaked Umesh

Dhaked Umesh . 2 days ago

Brave Girl of our Nation..... Missing. You

Miraj Ali

Miraj Ali . 3 days ago

Plz upload padmavat full movie in hd

hardip singh

hardip singh . 3 days ago

She deserves a 2nd chance in life.I started crying she definitely represents India and if I was in that situation I would do the same because I would like to be like her.SHES MY IDOL❤❤❤

Bagal Sir RCC latur

Bagal Sir RCC latur . 3 days ago

Salute to brave woman..

Vishal Pandey

Vishal Pandey . 3 days ago

Saluate for brave girl "NEERJA BHANOT"


rittu . 3 days ago

Rula hi diya sahi mein..



Sallyut you neerja bhanot , a brave woman who saves several lifes and sacrifices her life to save people


ARYAN AYUSH . 4 days ago

I am not crying, I am not crying I am crying 😭😭

Kavitha Shankar

Kavitha Shankar . 4 days ago

neerja was a brave girl we want to selute to her❤️❤️

Momit Tirua

Momit Tirua . 4 days ago

This movie really touches my heart it is amazing. tears comes from my eyes

sathi H d'souza

sathi H d'souza . 4 days ago

Who just started crying

Jinsiya Ibrahim

Jinsiya Ibrahim . 4 days ago

She still lives in our hearts.... A Big salute to Neerja...d brave girl🇮🇳

Kuldeep Upadhyay

Kuldeep Upadhyay . 4 days ago

Nirja ji ye desh aapko hamesha apne dil me zinda rakhega aap itihash k swarnim panno par hamesha zivit rahengi


AKSHAY BHOIR . 4 days ago

I salute Neerja bhanot she is really brave girl 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 jai hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Motivation corner

Motivation corner . 4 days ago

Cried alot lot lot d

deepikapadukone_fc suscribe,comment,like&share

deepikapadukone_fc suscribe,comment,like&share . 5 days ago

Its realy hard for me to belive why such people are unsung unknown in our country why we know all about foolish people most why cant we remember such people in our world why?

Suman Verma

Suman Verma . 5 days ago

I salute u mam u was great

Beast Mode official time-pass

Beast Mode official time-pass . 5 days ago


N.S. Pandey

N.S. Pandey . 5 days ago

My favorite neerja bhanot jiii...

Rishab Agrawal

Rishab Agrawal . 5 days ago


Asif Saiyad

Asif Saiyad . 5 days ago

Kadvi Hawa full movie please upload


PANCHDEV NAGAR . 5 days ago

I hate tears Lekin kya kre ye film dil KO chhu gyi

phomelelo madidimale

phomelelo madidimale . 5 days ago

I do like hindi movies very much but the thing is that i don't understand hindi so maybe if u can do English subtitles for us or English version movies just like bollywood and starlife does it for us....plz...

Saddam ali

Saddam ali . 5 days ago

bakwas movie 🎦

Zain Nadeem

Zain Nadeem . 5 days ago

Thanks for again upload this movie, because first time when I downloaded this movie, after watching half was a very thankful to you

Babli Mukherjee

Babli Mukherjee . 5 days ago


Sonu Silao

Sonu Silao . 5 days ago

I salute Nirja vanot she is a brave girl

Richaa aa

Richaa aa . 6 days ago

Amazing love the movie 😍😍😍

musa ashari18

musa ashari18 . 6 days ago

Chooti Arab ka kha kar uni k khilaf films chutia hindu sale kanjer

Dewas Dev

Dewas Dev . 6 days ago

After seeing the seen how she saved children and shot by bullet, I cried

seetha maha

seetha maha . 6 days ago

Thank u for uploading really inspiring salute

MADHAVI Galankar

MADHAVI Galankar . 6 days ago




🇮🇳 Salute!! To this lady Neerja Bhanot!! May yu achieve a lot in next life....!! Proud to be a 🇮🇳👳

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