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SpongeBob SquarePants "Sweet Victory" Performance 🎀 Band Geeks | Nick


Published on 3 months ago

SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! 🎀 Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.

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Nickelodeon . 3 months ago



MJ J . 14 minutes ago

This song is the SUPERBOWL!

The TopHatter

The TopHatter . 30 minutes ago


Nicholas McCarthy

Nicholas McCarthy . 32 minutes ago

I’m not crying, your crying 🀧

Kin and the Swingies

Kin and the Swingies . 54 minutes ago

How could Travis do this to us


Chris_X5 . 1 hour ago

They played it at the NHL halftime and it’s the full thing


Shadowidk . 2 hours ago

5.4 mil views in a year

John Marston

John Marston . 2 hours ago

I’m sorry Stephen, it wasn’t supposed to go like this

Magnus Frederickson

Magnus Frederickson . 2 hours ago

Catfished on live tv

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith . 3 hours ago


pollotropical 12

pollotropical 12 . 3 hours ago

Can we get a rip in the chat for the man who brought smiles to all of us as children

Squirrel man

Squirrel man . 3 hours ago

was this even the song? =


WorstCriticEver . 3 hours ago

This was my super bowl halftime show this year


Theragingbean . 3 hours ago

Now the og creators are makeing a music video in honor of steven hillenburg

Ya boi FUZE

Ya boi FUZE . 4 hours ago


RahmanNoodles ッ

RahmanNoodles ッ . 4 hours ago

*Sweet mode*

Kyle Davisson

Kyle Davisson . 5 hours ago

literary crying cause we didn't get it.


LIT CONTENT BOIS . 5 hours ago

This what is we wanted

c813 04c

c813 04c . 6 hours ago

wow, they made an extended version of the half time show? :0

Ryan Richardson

Ryan Richardson . 6 hours ago

Let us note that this video blew up the day after the Super Bowl LIII Halftime.

Pikasome 25

Pikasome 25 . 7 hours ago

Those dislikes are probobly people wholiked the halftime show


MasterLightningPanda . 8 hours ago

forget the NFL I'm watching the bubble bowl at least THEY will play Sweet Victory

Have To Wait 90 days to change my name

Have To Wait 90 days to change my name . 8 hours ago

0:32 replay button for me


ÚltraLeevi . 8 hours ago

Why 2019 did not have this

Jung Kookie

Jung Kookie . 9 hours ago

Your a-a g-goofy goober y-y-yeah 😒 We.. are all... goofy goobers.... yeahhhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Cp0 0

Cp0 0 . 9 hours ago

So if I say sicko mode or sweet victory does that mean I get likes as well???

John Cena

John Cena . 10 hours ago

I like to imagine that this is the last episode. Not in a way that the other episodes don't exist, but that this is the last episode in a chronological order. So the story would end with a (finally) happy squidward that get his sweet, sweet victory.

Diana '

Diana ' . 10 hours ago

Who else is crying right now ? Rest in Peace Stephen .. And Thank you for the greatest childhood β€οΈπŸ’”πŸ™πŸΌ

Thrasher Theory

Thrasher Theory . 10 hours ago

What could've been... TRAGIC

Hensuli Shitberg

Hensuli Shitberg . 12 hours ago


Twiggy FP

Twiggy FP . 14 hours ago

1630 51

Twiggy FP

Twiggy FP . 14 hours ago

1603 55

Twiggy FP

Twiggy FP . 14 hours ago

1601 55

elsa malicdem

elsa malicdem . 15 hours ago

The True Ending for this Excellent Show.

Lee Cisneros

Lee Cisneros . 17 hours ago

Best Super Bowl ever

Sold Doughnxt

Sold Doughnxt . 18 hours ago

Spongebob goes sicko mode and becomes... a sponge.

Muhtasim Chowdhury

Muhtasim Chowdhury . 18 hours ago

*My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*

Dr Anus

Dr Anus . 19 hours ago

I hate the NFL now why didn't they show this at the Superbowl to be honest I'm pretty bummed at the moment and I bet a lot of people are to


QwertyTwinkleToes . 20 hours ago

NASCAR and NHL got it rightπŸ˜„ I'm looking at you NFLπŸ‘€

Victor Victini

Victor Victini . 21 hours ago

I can't watch this without crying..... Rip stephen hillenburg....


BlitzWolfer . 22 hours ago

Idk why i keep coming back to this


ShockTrooper21 . 22 hours ago

I have chills

Tanner D'Amico

Tanner D'Amico . 22 hours ago

Squidward is like Whaaaat

Corey Patton

Corey Patton . 23 hours ago

Here to watch something better than anything the NFL could ever do.

Nintendo Boy zombies

Nintendo Boy zombies . 23 hours ago

when the NHL played the whole song and made adjustments for the specific team and used custom clips for the crowds and the NFL just used 3 seconds and transitioned into sicko mode...

AXESS SPOOK: used to be SpicyKun

AXESS SPOOK: used to be SpicyKun . 24 hours ago

0:33 2:02

Trevor Taylor

Trevor Taylor . 24 hours ago

Anyone else here for a palette cleanser after re-watching the Superbowl Halftime show??

SDToxic Antpaz02

SDToxic Antpaz02 . 1 day ago

wished they played it at the super bowl😭

Alex M

Alex M . 1 day ago

I never noticed Patrick's sweaty armpits before lol

Ciera Combs

Ciera Combs . 1 day ago

I never realized that so many people loved this moment in SpongeBob, everyone in my house thought I was weird because I would play this over and over again whilst screaming the lyrics. All we got was trumpets.

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