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World Record Exercise Ball Surfing | Overtime 6 | Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Published on 6 days ago

From rolling on exercise balls to a freezing cold mile-long swim, this episode of Overtime has it all!
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Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect . 6 days ago

Wheel Unfortunate will be back in full force next episode. Ned went on a labor strike and demanded higher pay and that we recognize Arbor Day as a national holiday but he got it and everything is all good now

Tùng Nguyễn

Tùng Nguyễn . 2 minutes ago

Have fun watching videos ... I just made youtube channel to support you with many thanks

Mega Sceptical

Mega Sceptical . 29 minutes ago

Also Tim and Chad i know you guys work really hard at your awesome job keep up the excellent work. :D

Mega Sceptical

Mega Sceptical . 34 minutes ago

not to be mean to dude perfect or anything because i think that they are very cool but if you noticed when Tyler celebrated his amazing guiness world record they edited in a celebration from world record edition. I have nothing against you guys at DPHQ2 but just laying it out there. Can't wait for next video. :)


RedNoob . 60 minutes ago



Crafthouseart . 1 hour ago

Brilliant, please promote my channel and make opportunity to look at more videos.❤

diamond gaming

diamond gaming . 1 hour ago



mhmd ALSAID . 2 hours ago

Please I need a like

Daniel Johnstone

Daniel Johnstone . 2 hours ago

What happen to wheel unfortnite

momo solo

momo solo . 2 hours ago

That clickbait thou


HueTubeR . 2 hours ago

Please, This would be so easy to beat. Set it up on a football field.

Veronica Rodrigues

Veronica Rodrigues . 2 hours ago

Do more games wirh cosequences

Alanna Williams

Alanna Williams . 2 hours ago

When I was on swim team I could swim 2 miles

soul knight HD

soul knight HD . 2 hours ago

Do scupa diving battle

Naveed Anwar

Naveed Anwar . 2 hours ago

You should watch epic ultimate dude perfect

Vanessa Torgler

Vanessa Torgler . 3 hours ago

I guess you could say... *they are riding balls* I'm sorry xS

JJ Waddell

JJ Waddell . 3 hours ago

I like y'all

Fortnite Wolf

Fortnite Wolf . 3 hours ago

Jesus loves you


TSC-NOOBSLAYER games . 3 hours ago

I like how ty has a different signature entrance haha

Keyes Brothers

Keyes Brothers . 4 hours ago

Imagine Cody 's arms to be legs at 12:19!

Max Brune

Max Brune . 4 hours ago

for cool not cool one of yall need to get a jet powered wake board

M8M8 98

M8M8 98 . 4 hours ago

If you hit the button it turns blue. 👇


liseyxkearney . 4 hours ago

that’s my volleyball facility wtf


TheDrea219 . 5 hours ago

Syeryotypes sleepovers like if you agree

Shyll Shiro

Shyll Shiro . 5 hours ago

Where do you live?

Scott Henry

Scott Henry . 5 hours ago

Who ate the fat off tai

AeropOstale !

AeropOstale ! . 5 hours ago

Hope I win the sweatshirt

vlogs or games exciment

vlogs or games exciment . 5 hours ago

Best show ever and also the intro!


Ruilida . 5 hours ago

I subbed and shared!

Mujeeb Paul jakerson

Mujeeb Paul jakerson . 5 hours ago

Play with tfue

Kleber Castro

Kleber Castro . 5 hours ago

Happy record

Cale Rashid

Cale Rashid . 5 hours ago

You should make more overtime videos

Riva Gaming

Riva Gaming . 6 hours ago


Jatinder singh Rawat

Jatinder singh Rawat . 6 hours ago

We need one more CHRISTMAS STEROTYPES🤶🤶🤶

Deepanshu Sharma

Deepanshu Sharma . 6 hours ago

What do you you think about absurd record of breaking as many as you can in 5 mins but by using feet

Jay Xan

Jay Xan . 6 hours ago

No wheel unfortunate ☹

Buckeye Football

Buckeye Football . 6 hours ago

Hey dude perfect can you please help pewdiepie defeat t-series?

Mason Heimke

Mason Heimke . 6 hours ago

No weel unfortunate

kimberly costa

kimberly costa . 6 hours ago

Dude perfect is on the top 10 subscriber list! 😂


Dinosaur . 6 hours ago

No wheel unfortunate

Sloopy Tod

Sloopy Tod . 6 hours ago

You can't call it overtime unless Wheel Unfortunate is in it

Jhon Bristle

Jhon Bristle . 6 hours ago

You better not pout, you better not cry, and I'm telling you why... Cause its overtime!


TAMI HORN . 6 hours ago

save pewdiepie

ninja king

ninja king . 6 hours ago

10:40 cody hands

The Diss Prophet

The Diss Prophet . 6 hours ago

These guys are my childhood who agrees ?

Matheus Gonçalves

Matheus Gonçalves . 6 hours ago

Coloca legenda pfv

Corbin Schneider

Corbin Schneider . 6 hours ago

Do u have a wall of world record plakes

Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia . 6 hours ago

He can swim a mile

Ryen Roberts

Ryen Roberts . 7 hours ago

I believed in you

Wesley Schaefer

Wesley Schaefer . 7 hours ago

You should do an interview with Ned Forrester!

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