Published on 6 days ago

The former Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra, and musician, Nick Jonas, exchanged vows not once but twice in front of family and friends in two beautiful ceremonies in Jodhpur, India. Check out the celebrity power couple’s exclusive wedding footage from their gorgeous ceremonies on PeopleTV.
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Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV

Sherry Patrick

Sherry Patrick . 2 hours ago

Their life , their business.

Angel Grace

Angel Grace . 2 hours ago

When 2 people love each other dearly, they should be together and be blessed regardlless who they are or what they are. And society should not dictate or critizes them for many reasons they think is inappropriate. Lets just wish them happiness.

Alexis Figueroa

Alexis Figueroa . 2 hours ago

So if they started dating in may and nick proposed after her birthday, doesn't that mean they've only dated for three months. Im sorry but this was rushed


WhateverDude . 4 hours ago

*Wet fart*

Zeifen Nar

Zeifen Nar . 4 hours ago

I give it 4 years.

Aaron gamer

Aaron gamer . 5 hours ago

India is very dangerous and scary

AmiaRancetta Ali   Greer

AmiaRancetta Ali Greer . 5 hours ago

Greatness Continuance Congratulations!☺

wanda tellado

wanda tellado . 5 hours ago

They are a beautiful couple I wish them the best of what life can offer.God bless them and there futher children.😍

Star1 mbb

Star1 mbb . 5 hours ago

The fan girs and racists in the comment being mad at the wedding stay mad lmao also tot he fan girls did you really think if he wasnt marrying priyanka he'd go with you..get out of your fantasy world.Also their age doesnt matter as long as they're happy no one says anythong about old men marrying young girls! George clooney is like 13+ years older than his wife. DOUBLE STANDARDS.. if you have nothing nice to say dont say it

Luke Hood

Luke Hood . 6 hours ago

Ugggh but he was supposed to marry me


0401412740 . 6 hours ago

She's 10years older than him lol

Robert mcelvany

Robert mcelvany . 7 hours ago

Who actually gives 2 shits


ZESHAN MGTOW . 7 hours ago



jariz26 . 7 hours ago

Is Jonas legal to marry yet?


fibreoptik . 8 hours ago

She’s basically my dream woman. What a lucky prick!

Afiq Amran

Afiq Amran . 8 hours ago

I didnt she was india.... well I’m happy for you them

Grim Bones

Grim Bones . 9 hours ago

Let's see how long this lasts.

Richard Villanueva

Richard Villanueva . 9 hours ago

awkward looking couple. but eh whatever makes them happy.

Gumardee coins and banknotes

Gumardee coins and banknotes . 9 hours ago


Its Tiko

Its Tiko . 9 hours ago

My parents would kill me if I married a Indian girl over a white girl.... so not sure how nicks emotions work. Not that I ever would as I don’t find them attractive at all just wondering is this actually normal? Wouldn’t white parents disown you?

MadBliss 94

MadBliss 94 . 10 hours ago


Unicorn Person

Unicorn Person . 11 hours ago

That is a long dress

Eman sweileh

Eman sweileh . 11 hours ago

She looked ugly ,, in fact she is ugly

Primal Rex

Primal Rex . 11 hours ago

im done.... Nicky boiiii...... Never thought this was your start but well done XD

Simran 167

Simran 167 . 13 hours ago

No offence but priyanka is kinda overrated. I’m Indian, she’s very well known for her looks but there are loads more Indian actresses who are prettier than her. But she’s still cool 💕

Personal Space Invader

Personal Space Invader . 13 hours ago

Why does he look like he's puking in the photo in the thumbnail?

Don't Know 77

Don't Know 77 . 13 hours ago

Priyanka is 10 years older then Nick?

Joy Rizal

Joy Rizal . 13 hours ago

Priyanka chopra is like priyanka Karki in nepali

Do Cool Stuff

Do Cool Stuff . 14 hours ago

Give it a year lol

Crystal Wilkinson

Crystal Wilkinson . 14 hours ago

I love this so much you can feel how happy they are just by seeing them together 😭❤️

Илькин Ахундлы

Илькин Ахундлы . 14 hours ago

please, tell me the name of the song playing at the beginning of the video

bvmb x

bvmb x . 15 hours ago

All I thought about watching this was $$$$$$.


paige . 15 hours ago

Why am I tearing up damn

Jonathan Wang

Jonathan Wang . 15 hours ago

Not crying at all...

uqasha gedik

uqasha gedik . 15 hours ago

Waiting for the divorce news coming... huhuhu...

Jah Bless

Jah Bless . 16 hours ago

Why can’t black men marry Indian women in India? Can Anyone answer this question??? Preferably an Indian Hindi person. Because this should be considered as a “mixed religion” marriage correct, how does that work. Or is it the money and status of a white man that attracts women and her family in the Indian community? Just questions

Tanya Luv Lux

Tanya Luv Lux . 16 hours ago


Tanya Luv Lux

Tanya Luv Lux . 16 hours ago

Why would he pick that ugly rag like she is UGGGGGG LY LIKE WTF

Obaid Sakhi

Obaid Sakhi . 16 hours ago

Nick wedding with aunty Very Bad taste

Bruceann Owen

Bruceann Owen . 16 hours ago

Some of you are very hateful and unkind some couples just know when they are right for each other and who are we to judge. I am extremely happy for them! I pray they have a long and happy marriage!

Bubble Slxys

Bubble Slxys . 16 hours ago

Priyanka + Nick = prick 😂


Kiley . 16 hours ago

They're the real life Cece and Schmidt 👏👏

Mercy Ranglong

Mercy Ranglong . 17 hours ago


leo86 NZ

leo86 NZ . 17 hours ago

E news how long this wedding is gonna last

Flower Bloom

Flower Bloom . 17 hours ago

God bless them congratulations

asba banu

asba banu . 17 hours ago


V.L Christian

V.L Christian . 17 hours ago

So magical and beautiful. I love it all. Her dress was stunning. 💍❤️💝🙌🏾


AwSmDuDe . 18 hours ago

Didnt this mofo try to close down a beach? I mean sure it was a movie... but if you play a bad character your probably evil irl.. Right?

جوديا تيفي Joudia TV

جوديا تيفي Joudia TV . 18 hours ago

so cute

Zainab Bukhari

Zainab Bukhari . 18 hours ago

Their kids are gonna be so goddamn gorgeous

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