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Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less


Published on 6 days ago

A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.

Thursday: Adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Steampunk Terminator

Steampunk Terminator . 5 minutes ago

I'm sure I'm gonna get some mad comment replies but I don't give a shit. I really hate when horror or apocalypse scenarios have babys in them they do absolutely nothing but cause trouble for survivors yet there apparently fucking invincible which is why me and a friend agreed that any baby's in his future zombie series will be put down to keep all other survivors alive

Liquid Blosson

Liquid Blosson . 10 minutes ago

Am I the only person that wondered how the fck the fireworks didn't attract more creatures but a gunshot did lmao

This Guy Makes Playlists

This Guy Makes Playlists . 11 minutes ago

wut about their finger nails. why wont the dad just throw his axe to make sound instead of sacrificing himself

Vince Owen

Vince Owen . 13 minutes ago

this is what atheists do. always pick out the bad. and always overthink

io gamer

io gamer . 15 minutes ago

the best ending

Ajar Raccoon

Ajar Raccoon . 16 minutes ago

Wait why do you make the people who male it a sin? Like what?

Gabriela Freitas

Gabriela Freitas . 19 minutes ago

Totally possible for Evelyn to gave birth and cut the cord in 10 minutes. It was her 4th child. My first baby was born and the umbilical cord was cut in 20 min, my second in 15 min, if things keep like that by my 4th I'll be down to 10 min too hahahaha.

Joe Odgers

Joe Odgers . 24 minutes ago

No one took the plastic bags of candy and nuts or the bottles of pills because they are too loud dumb dumb. Im finna steal your job.

James Roache

James Roache . 27 minutes ago

"A quiet place", is there another one? Is that one of the quiet places? A means one, or, one of many.


LAB - LIKE A BOSS . 29 minutes ago

if they had access to technology why did they not get like 100 speakers and leave them in a dessert or a forest and let it play somewhere far so all these big agro cunts can be hanging around there!!


crayonsandcolouringbooks . 36 minutes ago

I didn't think it was good


Noobyboy432 . 54 minutes ago

Monsters remined me of the dead space nonsters and i liked the ds joke

S Ace

S Ace . 55 minutes ago

Shitty attempt at comedy, as usual


Beandip . 56 minutes ago

That little girl is rarded af if she didnt figure out that frequency was the key. She literally witnessed the monster getting hurt by her hearing shit thing. She couldve saved her dad but nooo, she wanted quiet. Rarded bitch

Transformer Bash

Transformer Bash . 1 hour ago



Multi_Fandom_Queen . 1 hour ago

That bit where the lady steps on the nail, even tho I couldn't hear it, still make me cringe. That shit would hurt SO bad AND she in labor.

cherokee cobb

cherokee cobb . 1 hour ago

*monster lurks right by me* Me *farts* Ah fuck just kill me already

Jiggly Puff

Jiggly Puff . 1 hour ago

Emily Blunt.

I luv Gaming

I luv Gaming . 1 hour ago

This movie is amazing. I watched this with my friend in the cinema and we loved it, I can’t believe that such a quiet movie can keep me in suspense and scare the crap out of me without any visual jump scares.


Callum . 2 hours ago

The main problem this movie has is inconsistency. The hearing ability of the creatures just seems to change whenever the plot needs it to. And the other thing is the plausibility of the alien invasion, that there is no way that the creatures could have made it to earth being blind, that there is no way the family could possibly live without making noises, but at the end of the day these are forgivable for the intense movie we got.


LiamGooge . 2 hours ago

Good Lord This movie sucks

Rocio Perez

Rocio Perez . 2 hours ago

The only thing wrong with this movie was that it was made!!!!

Black *

Black * . 2 hours ago

Its just a movie.

Adrianna Havens

Adrianna Havens . 2 hours ago

I havent seen this movie but THIS was amazing

DOB_Bloody - Fortnite

DOB_Bloody - Fortnite . 2 hours ago

You'd think that the parents would have the capacity in their freaking brain to not have a kid


剑神Pavese . 2 hours ago

When I went to watch this movie in the theater, everything was ok, there was no sound coming out of movie, and every one thought it was fine since it's a film about silence and has "quiet" on it's name, but then, the manager came into the theater and said "uh... We had a problem with the sound, it's not working" and most of the people there started laughing. At least we got our money back.

Jesse Ontiberos

Jesse Ontiberos . 2 hours ago

Review Pulp Fiction for Cinemasins


Switchb1ade27 . 2 hours ago

I don't see anyone else saying this so here it goes: This movie wants us to believe that nobody thought that these aliens with EXTREMELY SENSITIVE HEARING could be harmed with certain frequencies? Nobody?

zerocool gonna hack u

zerocool gonna hack u . 2 hours ago

Milf alert 😍


sophia357 . 2 hours ago

This guy is hilarious! Lol

mai wolfayz

mai wolfayz . 2 hours ago

I loved that movie but honestly the logic makes no sense SOMETIMES

Present Mic

Present Mic . 2 hours ago

Where is the baby?

Liana H

Liana H . 3 hours ago

I would've liked this movie way more if the dad hadn't died

Dan S.

Dan S. . 3 hours ago

I saw this movie on a date. After the movie she said she didn't get it, I asked why: turns out the whole movie she didn't realize the girl was deaf. No idea.

Landyn080 0

Landyn080 0 . 3 hours ago

2:23 LOL Just Use A Calauter

XxPuka_PlayzXx 2

XxPuka_PlayzXx 2 . 3 hours ago

Totally spelled that wrong

gracie pope

gracie pope . 3 hours ago

You think the usa amy air force marines or fucking president for all i care who get missles or some shit to light the mother fuckers up just by closing there mouths i am not to sure they can stop a gernade at the least

XxPuka_PlayzXx 2

XxPuka_PlayzXx 2 . 3 hours ago

Rip john krasnikinski

Shade D

Shade D . 3 hours ago

I will have you know. As a person with cochlear implants, that is NOT.NOT a hearing aid. It is a choclear implant


HomiesWitHades . 3 hours ago

I'm TERRIBLE with movies like this and tend to end up muting my TV if I think a jump scare is coming...

gracie pope

gracie pope . 3 hours ago

Regan is so stupied she got almost everyone in the movie killed

Jared Conklin

Jared Conklin . 3 hours ago

Nothing wrong here. Good movie.

Jackthedragonkiller ,

Jackthedragonkiller , . 3 hours ago

I want a second movie of just all out badassery with them just going out killing all of them. Also little nitpick on the movie, the US Army has thousands of highly devastating explosives that they could’ve used to kill these things. Yes civilian casualty but I would prefer that over the whole world dying. And I feel like a tomahawk cruise missile would be capable of killing one of the creatures if a shotgun shell to the mouth can.


skilletman16 . 3 hours ago

Where was Jesus in this movie?

Dustin Barlow

Dustin Barlow . 3 hours ago

I can't help but feel that these creatures aren't as powerful as the movie tries to make them. If you took like a Japanese swordmaster (like a train every single day badass blademaster) and had the creature charge him. The swordsman could take both arms and possibly the head before the creature could slow it's charge.

Eden Newby

Eden Newby . 3 hours ago

*listen to me* uses sign language

Shadow man

Shadow man . 3 hours ago

How did the monster not step on the nail

Quinn O'Shea

Quinn O'Shea . 3 hours ago

Watches Video dies becuase rhe aliens here me laughing

Piper Crevoiserat

Piper Crevoiserat . 3 hours ago

If the problem is they have super hearing wouldn’t the solution be putting a bunch of speakers in one area and blasting music ??

Ground beef

Ground beef . 3 hours ago

This wasn't 13 minutes or less...

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