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The Perfect couple 2019 - Lifetime Movies Based On A True Story 2019
Jenna Kuntz

Jenna Kuntz

Published on 1 month ago

The Perfect couple 2019 - Lifetime Movies Based On A True Story 2019

Trey Krumel

Trey Krumel . 2 hours ago

Great upload.

Trey Krumel

Trey Krumel . 2 hours ago

This is a good upload.

Georgilla Worwor

Georgilla Worwor . 7 hours ago

the cop at 1:15:40"we're looking for josh"..so unprofessional

best military

best military . 10 hours ago


Tracy Sullivan

Tracy Sullivan . 1 day ago

Intense!!!! Loved it!!!

LaShawna Hunter

LaShawna Hunter . 2 days ago

Reminds me of the Scott Peterson and Lacey story

Orane Cassanova

Orane Cassanova . 2 days ago

The end was foolishness

JaNae Ratledge

JaNae Ratledge . 2 days ago

Only in movies do they go to bed in full, perfect makeup­čÖä­čĄö

JaNae Ratledge

JaNae Ratledge . 2 days ago

Ella's hubby is waaaay too fine!

Sangam Rai

Sangam Rai . 3 days ago

Watching from malaysia

Venkatesh Narayanan

Venkatesh Narayanan . 3 days ago

Strange Ella doesnÔÇÖt get arrested for all the plan and faking death...oops spoilers...

Dina Marshalek

Dina Marshalek . 3 days ago

The blonde sister is the only good actress in the movie. Sorry but it's true :( Oh and the house keeper. :) Lol

dare devil

dare devil . 4 days ago

What the f;)k? Waste of time

adhi aditya001

adhi aditya001 . 4 days ago

One of the best movie.....

John and Jane Doe

John and Jane Doe . 4 days ago

She should have listened to the people that tried to warn her not to marry him....that man is evil and


I WILL BUG YOU . 4 days ago



I WILL BUG YOU . 4 days ago


Josmile Embu

Josmile Embu . 4 days ago

47mins in I'm very annoyed­čÖä­čÖä

alyssia rosal├şe

alyssia rosal├şe . 5 days ago

So Heartbroken Over Our Tragedy On three

Natty Moon

Natty Moon . 5 days ago

Good thanks for sharing

Ostad Ederel

Ostad Ederel . 5 days ago

If compared to Hollywood movie this film very good.nice story.

Anita Harrison

Anita Harrison . 5 days ago

Bad movie

Issa Kaelaa

Issa Kaelaa . 5 days ago

What kind of Barbadian accent is that?? Hahaha. The man sounds more African than Barbadian or West Indian


solidcatink . 5 days ago

is this really based on a true story?

Philly G

Philly G . 6 days ago


Look Good Feel Good

Look Good Feel Good . 6 days ago

shockingly bad acting

Crystal McLean

Crystal McLean . 6 days ago

love this move


Rose46 . 6 days ago

The acting in this is just laughable.

Ann Gent

Ann Gent . 6 days ago

OMG! This is bad......paint and drying come to mind. Bye!

Tall Trees

Tall Trees . 6 days ago

11:18 this Irish guy.

Kim Kia Blue

Kim Kia Blue . 7 days ago

Movie doesnt make sense and some bad acting

Kim Kia Blue

Kim Kia Blue . 7 days ago

So she has been planning her escape for 4 and a half months and still went through with the wedding ?

Harley The Cockatiel

Harley The Cockatiel . 1 week ago

This movie is called When Vows Break (2019)

Nara Tudor

Nara Tudor . 1 week ago

Sister is a bitch.

Shannon M Bell

Shannon M Bell . 1 week ago

Oh what webs they weave, shouldn't have worn this heart on my sleeve

Dionis lami

Dionis lami . 1 week ago


Iyo Papi

Iyo Papi . 1 week ago

Why is the sister so dumb? She canÔÇÖt connect the dots? Telling the cops and leaving the case would notify tolan that Ella is alive. And then tolan would kill her for real.

Sydonie Nosworthy

Sydonie Nosworthy . 1 week ago

This be getting scary as hell.

morrish zvoushe

morrish zvoushe . 1 week ago

Wat a bad movie

Susan Gathoni

Susan Gathoni . 1 week ago


D Frazier

D Frazier . 1 week ago

Warning! Warning! Warning! Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. I'm just not into this - it's too all over the place - with Ella and her deceitfulness - she's wrong asking her sister to go along with this mess - she shouldn't have come out of hiding. I know Tolan is a dangerous narcissist, but to frame him is wrong. Ella knows that her sister can not keep a secret - she's acting differently and giving it away with her actions. I'm giving this one a thumbs down - personally. But, It's worth the watch if you don't mind your spirit being agitated.

Ilene Maley

Ilene Maley . 1 week ago

Urkel ... put down the gun b4 u get hurt.

Lacey Ogata

Lacey Ogata . 1 week ago

Lydia Lydia reminds me of the show Beetlejuice . Good movie cheesy acting addicted to these Lifetime movies miss the 90's storylines.

April Marceleno

April Marceleno . 1 week ago

Um yes lol thanks

Happy Sally

Happy Sally . 1 week ago

Great movie thanks ­čĹŹ

N Smith

N Smith . 1 week ago

Dark water ?? Boat?? Sounds very Natalie Wood to me.


devochted . 1 week ago

This is painful to watch - so corny!

Simphiwe Zungu

Simphiwe Zungu . 1 week ago

this woman look alot like beyoncc├ę.... d sister

Annika Salmon

Annika Salmon . 2 weeks ago

wasn't Steve urkeil dead like a couple years back

Danielle Funk

Danielle Funk . 2 weeks ago

Horrible acting! ugh!

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