HUM Spotlight

HUM Spotlight

Published on 2 weeks ago

This is the cutest scene of all time! We just loved the talk between Noori and Bhola here.

Isn't this what every husband wishes to be in front of their wives. How many of you agree with us?

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Jalal Yousuf

Jalal Yousuf . 23 minutes ago

Bhole tu acting ka baap hai, Acting tujhse shuruu or tujhpe hi khatam hai. Smjhlee is baat ko

Qazi Wasim

Qazi Wasim . 5 hours ago

Iqra bhi famous ho gayi hai imran ki waja sy

Ammar Hafeez

Ammar Hafeez . 7 hours ago

Yar Banda bhola deserve karta hai best acting award ...

Aqsa_Beauty_Mua 1

Aqsa_Beauty_Mua 1 . 9 hours ago

Lol the foot

Shahzad Khan chadhar

Shahzad Khan chadhar . 9 hours ago


Sania Zahid

Sania Zahid . 10 hours ago


ѕнαнвαz кнαη

ѕнαнвαz кнαη . 11 hours ago

Hahhaha choory nathnoo wali

Gul Andam

Gul Andam . 12 hours ago

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi = likes 👎 👎

Sahl Armaghan

Sahl Armaghan . 12 hours ago

Outstanding acting by Imran Ashraf👌👌


AHvideos . 12 hours ago

Itna sa daba dy na per 😂

Akash Hussain

Akash Hussain . 12 hours ago


Akash Hussain

Akash Hussain . 12 hours ago

He is doing best acting it is not easy but he is doing well

Rao billa

Rao billa . 12 hours ago

Ye jo khobsorat bveya hoti hein na..😅😅😅😅

Muhammad Saleh

Muhammad Saleh . 13 hours ago

unchy chobara mtlb?

Shah syed

Shah syed . 14 hours ago

Best Act👏👏👏👏👏👏

Time is money

Time is money . 14 hours ago Support this guy and share the link

Imran Khan

Imran Khan . 16 hours ago


zarafshan khan

zarafshan khan . 17 hours ago

Shafeeq bhi bara na “ toba toba” 🤣🤣 sharm nhi ati aurto wali bat nhi hai jo tujhy btao mein🤣🤣 he is amazing♥️

Talha Latif

Talha Latif . 17 hours ago

How Many Awards Will Get #BhoOola..??? Comments Name of Awards

Ushna khan

Ushna khan . 18 hours ago

Great acting of bhoola😍👍

Hafiz Khalid

Hafiz Khalid . 19 hours ago

Bhola deserve Oscar


JavedShahid . 19 hours ago

Itnaa saa daba dena pair itna saa🤣🤣🤣😍

All Videos

All Videos . 19 hours ago

Yaar acting dekh❤

Aurang Zaib

Aurang Zaib . 21 hours ago

Are wah kia kehne pehli bar dekha bohat acha laga ab pore episode dekhon ga

zubair akram

zubair akram . 21 hours ago

i have fallen in love with the character of bhoula. love yaar. kammal

Ladin Khan

Ladin Khan . 1 day ago

Hy hy mazy mazy

Rashid Mughal

Rashid Mughal . 1 day ago

Bv ko aa k aisy bata raha jesy bacha apni maa ko 😂😂😂

Rashid Mughal

Rashid Mughal . 1 day ago

Abi ye bhola he 😂😂😂

Sana Ali

Sana Ali . 1 day ago

He is the real actor,never stop keep exploring your telant like this. Best of luck bhola. 👦

Blue Sky

Blue Sky . 1 day ago


Aadil khan

Aadil khan . 1 day ago

Imran Ashraf is amazing actor. 200% deserves an Oscar for this acting.

kh an

kh an . 1 day ago


Dawar Rathore

Dawar Rathore . 1 day ago


malikzeeshan faiz

malikzeeshan faiz . 1 day ago

Besharmian sunny ka shoq.....😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Waqar Vicky

Waqar Vicky . 1 day ago


Sumaiya Aslam

Sumaiya Aslam . 1 day ago

His acting is always just wowwww😍😍he deserv best actor award for this drama nd Alif Allah or Insan...❤

Sara Naaz

Sara Naaz . 1 day ago

Besharmia sunny ka shoq hy tujhy...hahahaha

Bushra Fatima

Bushra Fatima . 1 day ago


Ali Sherazi

Ali Sherazi . 1 day ago

kamal ke acting

Need 1Million Subscriber Before 2020

Need 1Million Subscriber Before 2020 . 2 days ago

Not best acting of the century , best acting of all time

Samreen Smr

Samreen Smr . 2 days ago

اے بیوی 😂😂😂

Muhammad Munir

Muhammad Munir . 2 days ago

Bhola Bihar acha hai

Falki Maaz

Falki Maaz . 2 days ago

kask raha gee

Mujeeb Quershi

Mujeeb Quershi . 2 days ago

😂😂😂wah bholy

Sidra Bano

Sidra Bano . 2 days ago

just fabelous.......

Shahbaz Ali

Shahbaz Ali . 2 days ago

Imran Bhai and Iqra do Superb acting

Almas Bano

Almas Bano . 2 days ago

Zabardast bhola and noori you are superb say bhi oper

shahid khan

shahid khan . 2 days ago

چپکے سے اک پھول بھیجا تھا اسے خوشبوں نے سارے شہر میں تماشا بنادیا😍 ❤😍

Rizwan Khan

Rizwan Khan . 2 days ago

Yar ye to acting mai itna gus geya hai sach much pagal na hojaye😥had hai yar ❣️❣️

Sehar Naseeb

Sehar Naseeb . 2 days ago

Bhole bhaiya i love u

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