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Kidnap My Mother 2019 - Lifetime Movies Based On A True Story 2019
Jenna Kuntz

Jenna Kuntz

Published on 3 weeks ago

Kidnap My Mother 2019 - Lifetime Movies Based On A True Story 2019

sasha Jones

sasha Jones . 3 hours ago

All these celebrities are transgenders, the men are women and the women are men. A big hollywood fraud!!


atinis . 11 hours ago


Kyky Smith

Kyky Smith . 23 hours ago

The Daughter's hair is so long and pretty.She's like Rapunzel.I think there will be a part 2 to this movie by the ending.

Shawnette Smith

Shawnette Smith . 1 day ago

Why she ain gone look for the daughter yet

Shawnette Smith

Shawnette Smith . 1 day ago

Did she just come out the Jeep??? Only have to be a movie I was running he ass over

Shawnette Smith

Shawnette Smith . 1 day ago

Nice movie but a dumb mother

Dejah V

Dejah V . 2 days ago

That mom is not smart from the starting of the movie i already knew they both were the baits 😭

Shaniel Allen

Shaniel Allen . 2 days ago

It is not the mother's fault it is the child's fault her mother said no and she was so determined that she wanted to go on it so you cannot blame anyone just blame it on your conscience I see you people need to be more supportive because it could be you or anyone in that situation

Lïã Bøø

Lïã Bøø . 3 days ago

I started to like comments about the movie and i didn't even reach 5 minutes into the movie😭💀one of the comments were like "the mother dresses inappropriate" and i was just like😂"yes she does" i didn't even watch the movie yet😭😭❤

Lïã Bøø

Lïã Bøø . 3 days ago

Yaaaaaah know its kinda the daughters fault bc the mother was like "no i don't feel like going" but the daughter insisted😩so the mother was like "Ok fuck it we should go"...she didn't actually say that I'm just saying😂😭but anywhoos yeah its the daughters fault!. Periodt💯.

Lïã Bøø

Lïã Bøø . 3 days ago

Why didn't the mother pick up the gun???😕she is such and idiot oh my gosh😒.

Sumayya Mohammadi

Sumayya Mohammadi . 3 days ago

Never trust a stranger

Shontel Moore

Shontel Moore . 4 days ago

Watching from 🇬🇾I was so pissed when the mother leave the daughter to go at a bar and got drunk with an total stranger. Trust no one

Michael Actil

Michael Actil . 4 days ago

#part 2

Miss Dee

Miss Dee . 4 days ago

I swear the mommy is so sexy.😘😘if she reads this ",hey girl ,you are a great actress,thumbs up,and please like back",...someone tell me her real name.I wonna follow her on IG.

jamesha foster

jamesha foster . 4 days ago

So you talk to your husband finally on the phone and he says he is coming to get you all and you decide to do a tour of the island looking for help after just hiding from two men on the island that were trying to abduct you and mind you this island is no bigger than your finger, so how you know your not going to run into these 2 men again that tried to abduct you. Why didn't you just stay in hiding until your husband came.


CHILD OF THE KING . 5 days ago

First it's kidnap my mother, kidnap my teacher, kidnap my boyfriend next is gonna be kidnap my Dog.

Commenter Person

Commenter Person . 6 days ago

2:02 Apparently, _Instant Sink_ is a real thing.

Hash Francois

Hash Francois . 6 days ago

They had so many opportunities to run over or kill the guy. The movie was great though

Tech Games - Sophrosyne

Tech Games - Sophrosyne . 6 days ago

This movie pisses me off! They are discussing going to college or not. Then walk into a what appears to be a TRAP. Like you should know you were headed here and even saw your abductors and other criminals in the area. You should be HIDING! They should not be walking into a place that looks shady AF! And looking at items when they should running and HIDING. I would've put that car in reverse real quick. And ran him over. WHY get out? WHY so f dumb?!

Tech Games - Sophrosyne

Tech Games - Sophrosyne . 6 days ago

Who sits there just chatting?! I'd be running around for resources, and be on the lookout for danger.

Nikita Danielle

Nikita Danielle . 7 days ago

This how is how many -and I dont mean to sound like I'm pointing fingers but "white women tourist" go to different countries and trust strangers so easily. I guess they call it "falling in love at first sight" I'm from the Bahamas so I know. You go walking in the night alone with a stranger or even leave your daughter to walk in a huge hotel alone!!!!! Hell to the no.

Andiswa Mayaba

Andiswa Mayaba . 7 days ago

WAIT!! Isn't 911 an emergency number??🤔

Norazlin Abd.Manaf

Norazlin Abd.Manaf . 1 week ago



kizpaws . 1 week ago

Good movie … but what about that brother, at the very end?? He wants vengeance?? hmmm

Shay Shay

Shay Shay . 1 week ago

Goes to show how other people opinions dont matter this was a good movie


wownouser . 1 week ago

The movie started good and got so absurd and ridiculous towards the end.

Key Woodard

Key Woodard . 1 week ago

That creep don't even look better than her ex husband come on sweetie 😂😂 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith . 1 week ago

Great story!! Turn on the app.. find MY PHONE.. why didnt you text it?

Menbi Kedy

Menbi Kedy . 1 week ago

ok the mom is kind of thirsty wtf

D Frazier

D Frazier . 1 week ago

It's a nice movie.

Triple S love

Triple S love . 1 week ago

Absolutely poor acting by the lady that played Allys mother. Very poor acting and the directors should have been fired. This one has no emotion for a actor.

gerald boyd

gerald boyd . 1 week ago


TheRealJachriz Siggers

TheRealJachriz Siggers . 1 week ago

Mom can’t act Daughter can’t act Dad can’t act Dumbest movie I ever seen

Dominique Shears

Dominique Shears . 1 week ago

Gotta love making fun of Lifetime Movies 😊 😃 😀 Thank you, though, to the kind person who posted this movie. Fun!


BLACKDIAMONDK35 . 1 week ago

I feel abused mentally abused this movie was so stupid that is an hour and a half out of my life I cannot get back

rules regis

rules regis . 1 week ago

What happened to the boat when the helicopter came? Javier's boat had been sitting there for almost 24 hrs. It was there when they showed the small boat pull to the shore. Then suddenly it was nowhere to be seen.

Latoria Tyree

Latoria Tyree . 1 week ago

DEADLY EXCURSION is the name of this movie

The gaming channel yt

The gaming channel yt . 1 week ago

Watching from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Musa Lee

Musa Lee . 1 week ago

She now meet this man and telling him all about herself, who does that, when will people learn

Joette's Casual Day *Joette Vance

Joette's Casual Day *Joette Vance . 1 week ago

Movie is DEADLY EXCURSION Why can't the title match movie?

Cheyanne Allison

Cheyanne Allison . 2 weeks ago

Anyone else looking for facebook at 33:19? I had to play it back twice, my facebook wasn't open, lol!!


TeamHow . 2 weeks ago

This was a great movie. You all should watch this movie: https://youtu.be/XJwNIRq3l08

Charmaine Stewart

Charmaine Stewart . 2 weeks ago

this woman and her daughter deserved everything they got .stupid af.how can you just meet someone and act like she did.


girlonlaptop . 2 weeks ago

We are on a boat that moves but hey lets jump off this boat in the middle of the night and go to a deserted island with no food or shelter!

V sl

V sl . 2 weeks ago

Seekers of danger .. nothing but danger

Renay Holder

Renay Holder . 2 weeks ago

Why never run over this asshole and you got jeep keys and gas and this ass hole got off the bike ohhh please

Renay Holder

Renay Holder . 2 weeks ago

How much do they pay her for acting so big and dumb ,I really don't get it ..........


KEKELOVESYOU Xo . 2 weeks ago

Really good movie, but she dumb as hell for going to the bar alone on vacation, and wondering off with a stranger 🤦🏽‍♀️

peter m

peter m . 2 weeks ago

What a stupid movie. There's a gun in the shed, there's a knife there, she leaves them. She is running in a jeep and he is on a bike, run him over. Good looking woman, but DUMB!

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