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Former President George W. Bush tears up while eulogizing his father, George H.W. Bush, at a state funeral in Washington.
The 43rd president said his father, the 41st president, taught him how to lead.
"He showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity, leads with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country," Bush said. "When the history books are written, they will say that George H.W. Bush was a great president of the United States."
Bush's eulogy ended on an emotional note. Concluding his remarks, he added through tears: "Your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. The best father a son or daughter could have."

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Uzman Doktor

Uzman Doktor . 8 hours ago

Why do people think that George Bush is the real killer of JFK ? I am wondering the source of this idea..

Kovačević Dobrina

Kovačević Dobrina . 12 hours ago

Who gives a shit. The Bush’s are Globalist cowards. The Bush’s along with Democrats led America towards the slide into a Socialistic rathole.


Joel . 15 hours ago

Any tears for the countless lives lost in the middle east?

Roshan S

Roshan S . 15 hours ago

RIP Father of the new world order!

avni etemi

avni etemi . 18 hours ago

Best president in USA history Simple as that

Jeff Floyd

Jeff Floyd . 19 hours ago

One Done One To Go Fucking Piece Shit His Face When he found out about 911 Plane.. while in Florida Tell Whole Story Just Sit There.. Why Didnt They Rush Him Away If there was a Threat..Evil Piece of Shit

NavyProduct Gaming

NavyProduct Gaming . 19 hours ago

This Video was made on my birthday...

Jeffs World Vlogs

Jeffs World Vlogs . 1 day ago

I miss George Herbert Walker Bush

Nihal Jackson

Nihal Jackson . 1 day ago

Rest in PISS George h w bush. I hope you and your son burn in hell for destroying America and the world.

Bagambe Sansio

Bagambe Sansio . 1 day ago

I'm too obsessed with this speech that I find myself either listening to it daily or saying the words when I'm alone

Excelsius Dei

Excelsius Dei . 1 day ago

God bless America

KemCloud King

KemCloud King . 1 day ago


KemCloud King

KemCloud King . 1 day ago

Wake up monkeys... He's Lucifers son

I’m Here

I’m Here . 2 days ago

I didn’t know his father was alive i mean since he was a .... nvm

Ruben Valverde

Ruben Valverde . 2 days ago

Fuck you


7071t6 . 2 days ago

Its ok George W Bush, it will be your time soon, you dad is a mass murderer, full stop, just like those before him almost ever US president would charged with mass murder if the hague and the international court had its way ?

edwin chavez

edwin chavez . 2 days ago

like him now good man good hart his old man color blind so of him condolence rice all way a his side god bless them


walec . 2 days ago


Dani Haliti

Dani Haliti . 2 days ago


Zack 7

Zack 7 . 2 days ago

Man fuck you and your dad

master ken

master ken . 3 days ago

One filth gone, many more to go. The bush family is finished!

Cristina .Filipe

Cristina .Filipe . 3 days ago

So beautiful I'm speechless, so beautiful...

Kate Babcock

Kate Babcock . 3 days ago

I realized now that Donald Trump is a liar and doesn't care about people.Come year 2020 I am voting that liar out of the presidency. Quote Donald Trump makes me sick and he shouldn't tweet stupid things. I hate republicans in some ways. I am done with Donald Trump he sounds like Donald duck. He has done nothing in this country besides tweets😀

herbert moon

herbert moon . 3 days ago

Your father is in hell i hope you join him soon

Jon Gallant

Jon Gallant . 3 days ago

He always was a BETA-MALE. cries in public like a woman.

Peter Davison

Peter Davison . 4 days ago

Hurts George to lose someone you so incredibly loved. Really Really devastating where you cry grieve especially if it had of been your son daughter father mother or family matter. I can only say as a human sharing the planet the beautiful gifts it can bring treasured even by the very smallest of lives no matter I hope you find solice in your fathers last words.

Michael Stubenvoll

Michael Stubenvoll . 4 days ago

At 3 0 6 The secret service men look like I feel hang these subhuman swine

Dan Schelin

Dan Schelin . 4 days ago

What a absolute bullshit!!

LSD-Rick B-172

LSD-Rick B-172 . 5 days ago

Bush did 9/11

LSD-Rick B-172

LSD-Rick B-172 . 5 days ago

Your dad wasn't a good president I'm despised him greatly

tays gram

tays gram . 5 days ago

I do.. with all 5 of them. I am lucky I have such good kids.

Ari Ari

Ari Ari . 5 days ago

Rot in hell burn forever

Justa Channel

Justa Channel . 5 days ago

Would you cry for Charles Manson? Or the Columbine shooter? No? Then why cry for a man who murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians?

Gary Rumsey

Gary Rumsey . 5 days ago

The Bushes, along with the Clinton's and 0bama sold this country out to the globalists over a long 28 year period. That's why America was in shambles in 2016 and that is why Trump was elected. The Bushes, the Clinton's and 0bama: NONE of these traitors should get a state funeral.

J Ignatius

J Ignatius . 6 days ago

George HW Bush wasn't my favorite person, and I think he took some secrets to the grave with him that could have benefitted humanity in a positive way. However, my condolences go out to the Bush family.

Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson . 6 days ago

I know it’s gauche to bring up politics here, but I’m a *very* far left person from the UK, and all I see here is a son mourning his father and sharing his humanity. There seems to be a lot of bitter, hateful people in the comments because this video is emotional,y charged, and they don’t know how to react. It’s still a human response to show anger, albeit very inappropriate, in this context. This video should serve as a reminder that even those who are capable of great evil and destruction, are deep down a human being. We cannot forget that or we become the very evil we are so against in the first place.

Charles Was

Charles Was . 6 days ago

The Government's will pay for all there destruction of Paradise. The Real terrorists are the Government's.


TheVrishtalina . 6 days ago


Saqib s

Saqib s . 7 days ago

No1 bigest terrorst of the world is cry on his father's death.

Greg Fuller

Greg Fuller . 1 week ago

His dad was an evil snake. Praise God that he's in he'll and those like him will be joining him soon. Remember JFK! Remember 911! #NeverForget

Ishrak Hussain

Ishrak Hussain . 1 week ago

How does it feel ? Thousands of Iraqi children cried like this remember ?

Shin young Kang

Shin young Kang . 1 week ago

Well, some weird things happened when George W. Bush(the son) was a president. But, actually, it's not his fault.

Marc Bülow

Marc Bülow . 1 week ago

--> Der Transmitter sind Ports of Call. (Essentielles)

Maryanne Knox

Maryanne Knox . 1 week ago

They will burn in Hell

JP Smith

JP Smith . 1 week ago

Mr. President, How come my friend, Juan Pierre Griffin, didn't have a military and or civilian chain of command at Fort Ord, California.?

JP Smith

JP Smith . 1 week ago

Mr. President, What about my friend Juan Pierre Griffin and his family. He was missing in action at Fort Ord, California and his family wasn't even notified because he was black.

JP Smith

JP Smith . 1 week ago

Mr. President, What about my friend Juan Pierre Griffin and Fort Ord, California.?

JP Smith

JP Smith . 1 week ago

Mt. President, What about my friend Juan Pierre Griffin.?

anonymous anon

anonymous anon . 1 week ago

Fuck that war criminal and his whole family

british people yellow teeth

british people yellow teeth . 1 week ago

masonic killers!!!!!

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