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The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive Icon
Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

Published on 6 days ago

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The Porsche 959 is one of the most famous Porsche models of all time -- and the 959 is one of the most famous cars from the 1980s. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 959 to show you the details of one of the world's most amazing cars.

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Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro . 6 days ago

Have a good day at school, sweetie! Don't lose your 959 first aid kit!

Maxwell Shore

Maxwell Shore . 16 minutes ago

Back in 1980's i bought the same car in gray color but in a model type , and it was so beautiful car back then and still is , nothing changed


Evan102030 . 54 minutes ago

If most people don't know and don't care... It's not really an icon, now is it.


FuckEbonics . 1 hour ago

that's one of the butt ugliest cars I've ever seen. seriously....what a cheesy looking piece of shit

Skyler Lucky

Skyler Lucky . 1 hour ago

Masterpiece, the car not you Doug


ndgo . 2 hours ago

f u doug that wheel is sexy af

Zijian He

Zijian He . 2 hours ago

Taking money from Porsche and sponsors give you no rights to rate


ndgo . 2 hours ago

doug, take it off road. NO BALLS. U WONT


sclogse1 . 2 hours ago

Doug is the kinda guy who just gave me a Doug score of 1 for this comment.

FullMetalPP _

FullMetalPP _ . 2 hours ago

R stands for Rocket while G stands for Gotta go fast.


sclogse1 . 3 hours ago

Wearing decent headphones, the engine and road sounds are extremely vivid. I kinda wanted you to stop talking just to listen, as the versimilitude of the sound was dramatically effective.

Drunken Master II

Drunken Master II . 3 hours ago

I thought I just liked the 959 as the cool 80's supercar from Porsche, I never really read anything about it or watch anything about it really. I knew there was rally versions, but I thought they were just modified version, when you show the hydraulic suspension I just felt in love. I live in Canada an 4 wheel car are a must here, but my dream car every time i think what car I would make if I was a car producer or if I had fuck you money is a 2 door sport car with 4 wheel drive and raised suspension. This is everything I ever wanted a car to be, sad that it's a 1.5 million collector car. Even if I had the money, I would like to be able to drive that car without the fear to destroy something so rare.


modspell . 3 hours ago

"All time ugliest steering wheel"!? Wrong.

Aasish Premdeep

Aasish Premdeep . 3 hours ago

959 looks weird.

Simon Rook

Simon Rook . 3 hours ago

I was 22 when these came out, absolutely loved them, way ahead of the F40 for me (that for me was topped by the 288 GTO anyway). Still remember being just outside the pits at Le Mans and watching a wrecked 961 being towed in at about 5am in the morning.

Papa Medvedya

Papa Medvedya . 3 hours ago

Doug thank you, I’ve wondered for years about the 959.

KM Zoilus

KM Zoilus . 3 hours ago

yuck! hideous!


DallasInLA . 5 hours ago

Ouch! Cringing at the way you're manhandling that original owner's manual.

craig takafuji

craig takafuji . 5 hours ago

Looks like it's giving birth to a supercar.

Cato Rodi

Cato Rodi . 5 hours ago

I have a theory about Porsche first aid kits. Many Porsche owners are doctors and they could need the extra content of the first aid kit for roadside emergency surgery.

Phil Meup

Phil Meup . 5 hours ago

Doug sounds surprised the Porsche 959 is shittier than he thought it would be.

Terry Forth

Terry Forth . 6 hours ago

One of the best cars of all time imo! I had never seen the suspension being raised before - so thanks for that. I was actually fortunate enough to see these being built in Zuffenhausen in the spring of 1986, when I was having a special guided tour at their facilities. It was a day to remember!


TheHvk . 6 hours ago

That bit at the end where the guys in the Lambo roll up and start freaking out over the car makes the whole video.


joosunkmybattleship . 6 hours ago

I liked your videos when they we're 10-15 minutes long. This is getting ridiculous

Cosmic Shadow24

Cosmic Shadow24 . 6 hours ago

F40 is cooler

Kingdrosive 3

Kingdrosive 3 . 6 hours ago

Review the Model T next time..I think a lot of peep would watch

Remi Put

Remi Put . 6 hours ago

It's a kind of cars and coffee 🚗☕️ show 😜

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner . 6 hours ago

Those bandages are clearly from before 1993, still have the old mailing address of Hans Hepp company... LOL!! :) http://www.hanshepp.de/en/hh-contact.html


Sakatoki91 . 7 hours ago

I like to watch Doug at x0.25 speed

Christopher DiPietro

Christopher DiPietro . 7 hours ago

Doug the type of girl to kweef in school and claim it was her sneaker

Laurens Woltermann

Laurens Woltermann . 7 hours ago

31:15 Well, there goes your 'sequential turbo's = lineair power' theory ( 5:57 )

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne . 7 hours ago

Doug is the type of guy to crawl into the back seat of a $1.5 Million Automotive Icon with dirty knees

Oliver Kalamata

Oliver Kalamata . 7 hours ago


Nishanth Dela

Nishanth Dela . 8 hours ago

Climbing in the back seat tho 😂😂

ian connell

ian connell . 8 hours ago

As enjoyable as this whole video was, the outtakes were just epic, especially in sequence. "Nothing special, just an old Porsche" "No no no no!" And then the epic lens blow, or ELB. The outtakes get a 10/10.


ItsMeJon . 8 hours ago

Rather have the F40

Wesley Mooney

Wesley Mooney . 8 hours ago

1.5 million for a car that would take maybe 25k a year for upkeep no thanks! I like my nice 1974 chevy monza with a ls1 supercharged with big wheels that would blow this car away and doing most myself only invested about 30k into it.


haqitman . 8 hours ago

At the end of summer '85 living with my parents in Frankfurt, my dad took me to the Frankfurt Motor Show to see the unveiling of the 959. It was the cutaway model showing off all the internals, sort of like a David Kimble print, mounted on a tilted platform. We were surrounded by auto journalists and photographers from all over the world and there I was clicking away with my Minolta. A couple weeks later I brought the prints back to the States and showed them off to everyone a couple weeks before those same shots arrived in all the car magazines. There were lots of other cars there but the 959 was clearly the star of the show. No test drives, unfortunately.

James Davey

James Davey . 8 hours ago

I never understood the appeal of this car - till Doug got to the gearbox / suspension bit!

Nick Walker

Nick Walker . 9 hours ago

One of favs...the 959.

Sam Scott

Sam Scott . 9 hours ago

Doug the type of guy to smell his clean washed socks.


P W . 9 hours ago

Silliest looking Porsche ever. Looks like the illicit love child of a 911 and Toyota Supra. And VW roof fabric??? Hilarious!

Sebastián Demaría

Sebastián Demaría . 9 hours ago

May be is special, but is horrible.

Dimas Antonio

Dimas Antonio . 9 hours ago

When Doug lifted the hood of this magnificent car, I shivered from head to toe.


HYPERGARAGE . 9 hours ago

1:27 LAN-SEE-UH not launcha

Brabus 76

Brabus 76 . 9 hours ago

I was nervous watching u drive it ¬ hoping a millenial text driver wouldnt slam into the rear!

Brabus 76

Brabus 76 . 9 hours ago

I think it was the Hyundai commercial where a guy is in a cabrio 959!

Jonka Olofsson

Jonka Olofsson . 10 hours ago

Most likely the bigger turbo takes over at about 4000rpm, hence why it feels like it ”wakes up” at that point


Twinsen . 10 hours ago

Doug the type of guy who talks about the group B and doesn't mention the glorious Ferrari 288 GTO.

Trey Rich

Trey Rich . 10 hours ago

"G" stands for "granny"

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