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Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of 'Frozen'


Published on 6 days ago

Ryan Reynolds divulged to Ellen that his two young daughters can't start a day without watching "Frozen," and he has had enough of it. The Hollywood heartthrob also chatted about getting a bad haircut in Abu Dhabi, and spending Thanksgiving with his family there, and the upcoming PG-13 version of his hit R-rated film "Deadpool 2" called “Once Upon a Deadpool”.


Striker 8

Striker 8 . 15 minutes ago

Ya I mean if you put deadpool to decorate it won't end well

Kathy Estefany Rodriguez

Kathy Estefany Rodriguez . 39 minutes ago

I adore him and have for the longest time. Before Blake. I love Blake tho. They are an iconic couple. If I have to share Ryan, might as well be with Blake.

Denise Williams

Denise Williams . 3 hours ago

I lovvvvve him!!

Chantal Castillo

Chantal Castillo . 3 hours ago

This man is just incredibly fun! Love watching him on everything ❤️❤️


mboiko . 3 hours ago

As has been said before - Deadpool does such a good job playing Ryan Reynolds...

Actual Hamiltrash

Actual Hamiltrash . 3 hours ago

Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong 💜

Rianna Chanco

Rianna Chanco . 4 hours ago

No one else can play deadpool

Babeko Adam

Babeko Adam . 5 hours ago

Wait till they watch Frozen 2 2019! It's never ending


Lala . 5 hours ago

When he said it’s going to fudge cancer I thought he meant colon cancer until he said it.

Valeriiez X

Valeriiez X . 5 hours ago

We all have Ryan, we all have.

Siti Norsakinah

Siti Norsakinah . 6 hours ago

Hey, its pikachu!


Kywax . 8 hours ago

Deadpool plays the role of Ryan Reynolds in real life.

Esther Bidoor

Esther Bidoor . 9 hours ago

too funny. he is so natural, like in the movies


ilovelespotsacforeve . 9 hours ago

This guy is too much he cracks me up


TimmyTimeTurtle . 10 hours ago

I will never forgive him for replacing danny devito

Burnt_ Potato

Burnt_ Potato . 10 hours ago

Yess Billie Ellish is the only reason i watch Apple ads

alexa mouse879

alexa mouse879 . 10 hours ago


Mabel Pines

Mabel Pines . 11 hours ago

Power Couple 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Karine Nascimento

Karine Nascimento . 11 hours ago

I think he pushed too much to be funny


matise . 11 hours ago


Kristin Trisha Deetlefs

Kristin Trisha Deetlefs . 11 hours ago

Ah what a gem 💚💚💚

Scrumptious Red Beans

Scrumptious Red Beans . 12 hours ago

He’s pikachu y’all


Nadaabby . 13 hours ago

Hahahaha hilarious

Samantha Breede

Samantha Breede . 14 hours ago

i think of like blinking now as like tiny little breaks all day

John Wick

John Wick . 15 hours ago

The three numbers on the back please

jessica pattinson

jessica pattinson . 15 hours ago

Comments aren't disabled yet, I'm early


chezzYyuu . 15 hours ago

OMG the way he said "so so many times" was so funny!😂

Saloomy's Diaries

Saloomy's Diaries . 16 hours ago

I can’t deal with Ryan😂😂😂😂😂

Cami Ferrell

Cami Ferrell . 16 hours ago

“just the two times”😂

segara house

segara house . 16 hours ago

Dear Ellen, please invite both Ryan and Blake for another interview. Thank you Ellen,🙂 Next😂

Kirsten James

Kirsten James . 17 hours ago

Yay I can show my son a dead pool movie!!!

Bobbi jo Rutan

Bobbi jo Rutan . 17 hours ago

Love him💙

Janiece Mckinney

Janiece Mckinney . 19 hours ago

He’s so funny omg 😂

Carmen Lee

Carmen Lee . 20 hours ago

He's funny you know. And she's funny too.

Thanh Mai V.

Thanh Mai V. . 22 hours ago

HELPPPPPPP. Anyone has any idea of which brand is his watch???

Perez Robert

Perez Robert . 24 hours ago



bellabana . 1 day ago

I see Ryan’s had a discrete hair transplant on his temples, it’s not as receded as before!

The Ripe Tomato Farms

The Ripe Tomato Farms . 1 day ago

American Thanksgiving or Canadian Thanksgiving?

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor . 1 day ago

hes great


RachelsDarling . 1 day ago

he’s my favorite person ever

adam mac

adam mac . 1 day ago

1:40 Did the crowd just go, "HAHA ohhhh"?? 😂😂

Stephanie Estrada

Stephanie Estrada . 1 day ago

He’s so witty and funny! Very charismatic. Him and Blake are such a great match.

nerdy_ being

nerdy_ being . 1 day ago

i think the background is lake louis canada


Dørkyplier . 1 day ago

Is he the guy that went with the guy who onced colored his hair green I know its Ryan and his super fan who is also famous Jack


Fatima___sh . 1 day ago

Omg the dude that cut his hair has noooo clue who his costumer was 😂

Channel 53 Herbie The Love Bug

Channel 53 Herbie The Love Bug . 1 day ago

Selfie Haircut 😅 He's the most down to earth actor ever.


Bastarden . 1 day ago

This man is offensively gifted. At least he's not a very strong singer... right??


pecapo353 . 1 day ago

i cant believe how Deadpool character is literally built for him, its like he's not even acting its just his personality

Sweating Profusely

Sweating Profusely . 1 day ago

5:00-5:03 contains the audio of a man literally dying of laughter RIP

Catandogclone 13

Catandogclone 13 . 1 day ago

Fair enough Ryan Reynolds, fair enough

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