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Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)
Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha

Published on 7 days ago

See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

'I'm A Mess' from the Debut Album 'Expectations' Out Now: https://beberexha.io/expectations

Connect with Bebe:
Facebook: http://smarturl.it/fb.BebeRexha
Twitter: http://smarturl.it/t.BebeRexha
Instagram: http://smarturl.it/ig.beberexha
Website: http://smarturl.it/w.BebeRexha

Angel Delova

Angel Delova . 18 minutes ago

0:54 " call me " omg who is she I need her Instagram 😂❤️

Jeanny Tha

Jeanny Tha . 23 minutes ago

That can't be a mess Bebe! You're a total rockstar!

Jason Wolfe

Jason Wolfe . 26 minutes ago

If ya don’t know....now ya know!! #onelove

Belinda Jackson

Belinda Jackson . 1 hour ago

I love your voice it’s so dremmy oh lalala

Rochelle Amador

Rochelle Amador . 2 hours ago

Kelsey!!!! ❤️🇵🇭

Elle Desperado

Elle Desperado . 3 hours ago

Josie Canseco nailed that PINK energy we’ve been missing. So young and fresh, most of the other girls were so lackluster in comparison. With time and experience she will be a modeling force to be reckoned with, that’s for-fucking-sure.


KappaPride . 3 hours ago

Bebe’s thighs are shining brighter than my future.

Julianna Burnett

Julianna Burnett . 3 hours ago

I love her

dan Pntr

dan Pntr . 4 hours ago

The ending was my fave 💖

obsessively grateful

obsessively grateful . 4 hours ago

Kelsey Merritt is so GORGEOUS

chill sea

chill sea . 4 hours ago

Kelsey Meritt killed it 💕

Louis Mariano

Louis Mariano . 4 hours ago

this track and performance stunk NEXT ~


livleatherman . 4 hours ago

hey everyone! i’m an aspiring singer/songwriter! I just posted my first original song and it would mean the world to me if you could take some time to check it out and maybe comment what you think! i also have many other covers! (a lot of them are really old so don’t judge lol) anyway i’m trying to reach my goal of 2,000 subscribers (i’m at 1.2k right now) thank you so much if you took the time to read this and i hope you have a great day!! :)


SLXSH_ BLVCK . 5 hours ago

I'm anti - pink but she rocks the stage in that outfit of hers . But my eyes still hurt from that pink 🤮

The Ney

The Ney . 5 hours ago

Bene Rexha so cooooool,i like it❤️

darina lopez

darina lopez . 5 hours ago


Andrea Nicole Llanera

Andrea Nicole Llanera . 5 hours ago

Kelsey 💕

MaiZoua Vang

MaiZoua Vang . 5 hours ago

She is rocking the stage! Everyone is having so much fun walking. Love it.

Pink Stinks

Pink Stinks . 6 hours ago


Taylor Cooper

Taylor Cooper . 6 hours ago

I love my bebe :))💕

Amy Nabila

Amy Nabila . 6 hours ago

Bebe is an angel.

Jaskaran Brar

Jaskaran Brar . 6 hours ago

whos the second model

Zarnaih Marchessa

Zarnaih Marchessa . 7 hours ago


Gretchen Arroyo

Gretchen Arroyo . 7 hours ago

I love this woman shes amazing in every way, itd be a dream come true to meet her in real life. I love you Bebe Rexha!💖😊🔥

Sarah Cherry

Sarah Cherry . 7 hours ago

feels kinda weird singing a song like this at a VS show...

Catlyn Mae Espinosa

Catlyn Mae Espinosa . 7 hours ago

Kelsey Merritt😍


euphoria . 7 hours ago

When the chorus hits ❤️


euphoria . 7 hours ago

They had to all down the girl hahahahha

Fierce Metro

Fierce Metro . 7 hours ago

Watched the whole show, awesome!,......... wait is that a good thing? 🤔😒😊

Ash Mot

Ash Mot . 8 hours ago

2:14 left her hanging 🤣

Mai Cecile

Mai Cecile . 8 hours ago

She did a great job, but the PINK looks were boring this year...

Gamer Crystal :3

Gamer Crystal :3 . 8 hours ago

Oh no wonder Victoria’s secret is almost always full when I’m at the mall oh well bebe rexha looks is pretty tho

Marley Vlogs

Marley Vlogs . 8 hours ago

No hate but I don't like Bebe Rexha's outfit at all Like if u agree

Sim Punk

Sim Punk . 8 hours ago

Love the energy and walk 4th angel😘😘

Fajar Yogyanto

Fajar Yogyanto . 8 hours ago

Haaak eee haaaaak eeeee

Allisha Alaina

Allisha Alaina . 8 hours ago

i thought she will use autotune 😅

Allana Santos

Allana Santos . 9 hours ago

Amo muito essa voz, essa mulher, essa música!! 😍❤❤❤

Aude Palenfo

Aude Palenfo . 9 hours ago

I am so proud of her

Beauty H.

Beauty H. . 9 hours ago

I love how thick she is 🔥💕

valeri susan

valeri susan . 10 hours ago

releases a song on june 20 ,2018

Angelo Casalan

Angelo Casalan . 11 hours ago

1:23 Love Kelsey Merritt. Philippines represent! LOL!

Salete Borth

Salete Borth . 11 hours ago

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Catherine Santos

Catherine Santos . 11 hours ago

1:20 when you chear up your best friend ❤️❤️❤️

missy nichols

missy nichols . 11 hours ago

I wish I had this life


Laurie . 11 hours ago

2:16 ahh cringe she didnt take her hand

saloom Baro

saloom Baro . 11 hours ago

Bab ♥♥♥ is the most beautiful singer and the most beautiful voice you serious and I follow you and always my beautiful ♥♥♥

Nhéo 125

Nhéo 125 . 11 hours ago

The most beautiful is bebe rexha

xy double helix

xy double helix . 12 hours ago

Show bobs and vagana!

Crystal Charles

Crystal Charles . 12 hours ago

They're so beautiful! 🤗😭😭

Nic Gonzales

Nic Gonzales . 12 hours ago

The thumbnail is lookalike of KZ Tandingan (PHilippines). Subscribe if you agree.

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