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Published on 2 weeks ago

The movie story deals with Indrajith, an adventure junkie, joins Mayil Vahanam, who is the former director of Archaeological Survey of India. The latter is in search of a precious stone which has unique medicinal benefits. One of his ancestors had idea about the route map which helps one to reach the dense forests in Arunachal Pradesh, where the stone is available. With the help of Mayil’s assistants, Indrajith manages to find the route map. Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma, the present director of ASI, who is not in good terms with Mayil, tries to acquire the map as he, too, is eager to grab the stone. Kapil attacks Mayil with his henchmen, but the latter escapes unhurt. Mayil, with his aides and Indrajith, set out to Arunachal, after which they face a slew of unexpected hurdles. Can Indrajith help Mayil to get the stone which could change the fate of human beings? Kapil, who has hatched various plans to spoil Mayi’s attempt, is equipped with arms. Will the luck favour him?

Movie:- The Real Jackpot 2 (Indrajith)
Starcast:- Gautham Karthik, Ashrita Shetty, Sonarika Bhadoria, Sudanshu Pandey, Sachin Khedekar
Directed by:- Kalaprabhu
Music by:- KP


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Krishnendu Dasgupta

Krishnendu Dasgupta . 14 minutes ago

The hero of the movie is A Mad man

Ganjit Singh

Ganjit Singh . 19 minutes ago

Punjab walo nice movei like karo

Nisha Rai

Nisha Rai . 37 minutes ago

Nice move i love it

Abbas Lotiya

Abbas Lotiya . 44 minutes ago



SAMIR CREATION . 2 hours ago

Pls subscribe mah channel

Deepak Rajput

Deepak Rajput . 2 hours ago

Ye hero he chutiya hai Bakvasss movie


HIMANSHU PATEL . 2 hours ago

Central India se log like karo👍

sheetal yadav

sheetal yadav . 2 hours ago

Ghtiya.. Overacting

Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn . 7 hours ago

Yaar kisni isi like kia ye tou bohut gatya movie tha .👎👎👎

silchari swag

silchari swag . 9 hours ago

wese wo professor galat tha ki wo....ais director galat kon tha haa....

silchari swag

silchari swag . 9 hours ago

mujhe yeh pata nhi chala kon sahi hai aur kon galat....kya bakwasss ending thi

Siang Hornbill

Siang Hornbill . 9 hours ago

I think it has confusion with Arunachal Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Himachal is in North India and Arunachal is in Eastern most India.


P. G. P. BANJARA . 9 hours ago

A Really Nice 👍

Amzad gujjar Amzad Choudhary

Amzad gujjar Amzad Choudhary . 10 hours ago

So amazing movie

syed abul qasim

syed abul qasim . 10 hours ago

Superb movie. I am from hyderabad. Stone is very important in this movie. Like this stone we get.We are the luckyest person. But the movie is awesome. Solute to Goldmine telefilms. And specially i want to thank to the story writer of this golmines movies..

Ankush Kumar

Ankush Kumar . 10 hours ago

Nice film

Md.Abdur Rahim

Md.Abdur Rahim . 10 hours ago


TheOnly Yameen

TheOnly Yameen . 10 hours ago

Guys zyada jichay jaanay ki zaroorat nahi movie achi hai ...

Durga Shukla

Durga Shukla . 11 hours ago

The real jackpot 1 is best 2 is bakwas

Junaid Hanjra

Junaid Hanjra . 11 hours ago


Ameeta kshl

Ameeta kshl . 11 hours ago

Arunachal is a peaceful land.. No riots or war zone...

Suman Dhakal

Suman Dhakal . 11 hours ago

one of the worse movie ever watched.

Mannu Sahu

Mannu Sahu . 12 hours ago

The real jackpot to book was boring ago

Ashish LakRa

Ashish LakRa . 12 hours ago

You will be fooled, hv poor vfx, poor acting specially lead actor, could be good treasure hunt movie...hv only good scenery that's it.


SUNIL KHAIRA . 12 hours ago

Nice movie

Martin Garrison

Martin Garrison . 12 hours ago

chutiya jaise acting aur land jaisi movie

Abrar Mohamad

Abrar Mohamad . 12 hours ago

mast movie


P . 12 hours ago

Badri narayan pandit the to unhe dafan kese kr diya?

suman khadka

suman khadka . 12 hours ago

My frn don't watch this MOvie.. Wrost movie in my entire life👎👎👎 qwerty5111 qwerty5111 . 12 hours ago

Accha nehi laga thoda bhi......

Ayyan Tariq

Ayyan Tariq . 12 hours ago


Sankar Das

Sankar Das . 13 hours ago

Like ❤❤❤❤

Dipali Ivanate

Dipali Ivanate . 13 hours ago

Awesome movie

Amit Kumar Amit

Amit Kumar Amit . 13 hours ago

Mast hai

Alpesh Bilwal

Alpesh Bilwal . 13 hours ago


Siti Hajar

Siti Hajar . 14 hours ago

Choteyo... Bakwas

Siti Hajar

Siti Hajar . 14 hours ago

Bahan ke phode salay..... Hindo kuty jalaty h.... Dafnaty ni

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight . 14 hours ago

That part where hero have to undress himself in front of heroine during night is taken from Hollywood movie "the girl next door ".

Gaurishankr Kumar

Gaurishankr Kumar . 14 hours ago


javeed pasha

javeed pasha . 14 hours ago


Hemmo Poon

Hemmo Poon . 14 hours ago

Nepal songs

Mia Owen

Mia Owen . 15 hours ago

Waste of time and internet

Ayush Patel

Ayush Patel . 15 hours ago

Please upload rowdy baby

Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar . 15 hours ago

Nice movie

Onup Hasan Monir

Onup Hasan Monir . 15 hours ago


Aman Deep

Aman Deep . 15 hours ago

verry verry nice (I love 😍 😍 South movie)

Lucky Khan

Lucky Khan . 16 hours ago

big time bakwas

Awanish Nath Pandey

Awanish Nath Pandey . 16 hours ago

the bullet is still inside him

Rup Jyoti Baruah

Rup Jyoti Baruah . 16 hours ago

Koi v video or movie k comments box main mujhe like karo mujhe like karo kya chutiyappa feila rakha hain Like karne se kya hooga Salee or movie bare main koi comments karna hain to koru Eisi chutiya kam mat karoo 😑😑😑😑

Arjun Pandey

Arjun Pandey . 16 hours ago

Hero ek dum chutiyaa hi lag raha h

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