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Jimmy Tests Saoirse Ronan's Bridesmaids Movie Trivia
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published on 5 days ago

Saoirse Ronan talks about the piece she wrote for the Feminists Don't Wear Pink and Other Lies essay collection, tests how big of a Bridesmaids fan she really is by taking a trivia quiz and has her thoughts narrated by Jimmy.

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Jimmy Tests Saoirse Ronan's Bridesmaids Movie Trivia


Tanya Brown

Tanya Brown . 3 hours ago

*I saw him*

Lauren Ablondi Olivo

Lauren Ablondi Olivo . 6 hours ago

i'm like.............. in luv with her

Sean Domhnall O Sullivan

Sean Domhnall O Sullivan . 8 hours ago

she also said her best friend was the chick she brought to the awards show ??

Kristin Trisha Deetlefs

Kristin Trisha Deetlefs . 10 hours ago


Christine Stallerud

Christine Stallerud . 12 hours ago

I could truly listen to Saoirse for hours LOVE her accent

Jamie Arleo

Jamie Arleo . 15 hours ago

I want her accent!!


Carrie . 19 hours ago

Anyone else find it ironic they have an Irish actress playing a SCOTTISH queen 👑 #NoSurpriseThere

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew . 20 hours ago

is that trevor moran?

klassy kassie415

klassy kassie415 . 22 hours ago

Bridesmaids is on my top 10!!!!

Qillin Quinn

Qillin Quinn . 1 day ago

Saoirse : It's the best film in the world No saoirse , Ladybird is

Lauren Wai

Lauren Wai . 1 day ago

Amazing beautiful woman ever!

Bárbara Ferreira

Bárbara Ferreira . 1 day ago

Her laugh is everything ❤️😂😂😂

Erin Casey

Erin Casey . 1 day ago

this is how I'd be with She's the Man or virtually any Adam Sandler movie lol


Sam . 1 day ago

What was that @00:03

harry styles is my mom

harry styles is my mom . 1 day ago

i think I'm like... in love

Te Ka

Te Ka . 2 days ago

She is mine!


Unwene . 2 days ago

her accent is amazing i’m obsessed


Elle . 2 days ago

I can’t wait to see this movie!


GiantSandles . 2 days ago

Saoirse 'Like Inertia' Ronan

Matthew Michel

Matthew Michel . 2 days ago

She’s one of the best actresses of our generation

Addie Brice

Addie Brice . 2 days ago

Everytime I see her I want to cry. I am just so happy she is not dead. Explanation: I can only remember her as the girl in the movie Lovely Bones. She was epic in the film by the way. Luv you mama! 🤗😘

Lamia Sall

Lamia Sall . 2 days ago

I love her and her accent so much


kylepop . 2 days ago

Give her EVERYTHING. All the money, all the awards, all the roles. She is just the most likeable person in the world

usa forever

usa forever . 2 days ago

I really,trully hope she has ticklish soles.

Christina Chic

Christina Chic . 2 days ago

I love her so much! She's so smart and funny

Bot Prophet

Bot Prophet . 2 days ago

If a feminist needs to read a book to learn how to be strong and empowered - she is not these things. Is she really so naive to think she's select as Hollywood actress because of talent?


RandomKK101 . 2 days ago

I loved her since I saw her in Brooklyn! She just keeps getting better and better, such a class act and her interviews are always so fun to watch. Love her charisma.

B Ningthouja

B Ningthouja . 2 days ago

_I like her and her accent. She is a "beauty & brain"._ ❤💖💗💕💞💟💓💗❤

Alistair Drennan

Alistair Drennan . 2 days ago

She even sings it in the same key as kristen wiig

eric northman

eric northman . 2 days ago

Saoirse Ronan...🔥🔥🔥dayuuuuum


A A . 2 days ago

NO to S. Ronan. NO to Ireland. No to the Irish. No to their pedophilia. No to their mass graves.

donaldtrump fan

donaldtrump fan . 2 days ago

what a beautiful girl


SkippyGustilo . 2 days ago

She’s smoother as a baby’s bottom, acting wise and as a person. 🤗 sorry Darla from the lil rascals... she’s got the 👑 now. 🤩


MikeEM1 . 3 days ago

I love Saoirse. The end.

Bindi Rock

Bindi Rock . 3 days ago

Feminism is cancer. Heres your answer.


shailon5480 . 3 days ago

her reaction when she gets the joke.. DAMN. Stop killing me Saoirse <3

kat x

kat x . 3 days ago

Trevor Moran? is that u

Victoria Mutter

Victoria Mutter . 3 days ago

Is that Trevor Moran

Joeseph Marasigan

Joeseph Marasigan . 3 days ago


Sweet & Hot

Sweet & Hot . 3 days ago

I hate feminists and activists.

hugh Honey

hugh Honey . 3 days ago

if shes a third wave feminist, then she is teaching young girls the exact wrong message. Or second wave for that matter.

Sub Liminal

Sub Liminal . 3 days ago


New Yorker By Imagination

New Yorker By Imagination . 3 days ago

she's so adorable. i would work for her for free. anything

Mr Amazing

Mr Amazing . 3 days ago

I was skipping thru the video and all I heard was: “Was he big?” “He was huge” Whoaaaa what’re we talking about?!

Diogo Azevedo

Diogo Azevedo . 3 days ago



EpilepsyWarning . 3 days ago

Feminism isnt necessary in America though lmfao name one right men have that women dont.


MimiMinion . 3 days ago


Simret Sekhon

Simret Sekhon . 3 days ago

5:47 this needs to be a new game

Franny555 lol

Franny555 lol . 3 days ago

I thought this was Trevor Moran. But she seems very Amazing!

Mr. E

Mr. E . 3 days ago

Was she in Harry Potter

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