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PIZZA CHALLENGE feat. Dadi & Dadu | #Family #Fun #Kids #Comedy #MyMissAnand


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Here is a fun Pizza Challenge with my grandparents. I really enjoyed doing this challenge with them and you must try this with your grandparents too. I am sure you will enjoy this as much as i did!

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Directed by - Vikram Chaudhary
Written By - Nisha Topwal
Edited By - Shubham Raj Verma
Actors - Anantya Anand, Dadu & Dadi

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Miss Anand


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Neeraj Nigam

Neeraj Nigam . 8 minutes ago

I like your pizza the best anantya

Kanti lal Pabari

Kanti lal Pabari . 48 minutes ago

Dadis pizza

CheeMa VloGS

CheeMa VloGS . 2 hours ago


Vishnu pratap Misra

Vishnu pratap Misra . 2 hours ago

Please make veg or non veg challenge


RAJESH KUMAR . 2 hours ago

You are doing well anantya

sureshbabu bharti

sureshbabu bharti . 2 hours ago

Mujha Anaya

parasara narasimham

parasara narasimham . 3 hours ago

🍬 pizza

Ravi Katiyar

Ravi Katiyar . 3 hours ago

Dace challge

Dayaram Kukreja

Dayaram Kukreja . 4 hours ago

kids pizza

Monu Goyal

Monu Goyal . 11 hours ago

Make burger challenge please anantya

anil vazirani

anil vazirani . 12 hours ago

Dado ke pizza ke liye naam he desi pizza

Sana Ullah Abbasi

Sana Ullah Abbasi . 12 hours ago


Sayeed Khan

Sayeed Khan . 12 hours ago

Anantya your pizza is best

Prem Singh Jain

Prem Singh Jain . 13 hours ago

My name is jai frist around winner is my miss anand

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal . 13 hours ago

Dadu is very good

Tasneem Arif

Tasneem Arif . 13 hours ago

Please Burger challenge

Chetan Nerurkar

Chetan Nerurkar . 13 hours ago

dado piazza is very nice

sudip pradhan

sudip pradhan . 13 hours ago

I thing dadu is first Anantia is second Nani is third. πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

Amit Singh

Amit Singh . 14 hours ago

Make burger challenge with dadu and dadi

Sameer Khan

Sameer Khan . 14 hours ago

Dadu ka pizza sabse acha hai

Inam ul arsh

Inam ul arsh . 14 hours ago

Dadi pizza ❀️

Harpreet .singh

Harpreet .singh . 14 hours ago


Pooja Saini

Pooja Saini . 14 hours ago

dadu and dadi

Pooja Saini

Pooja Saini . 14 hours ago

I like anya pizza

g.p Singh

g.p Singh . 14 hours ago

Who love ananya pizza like me😊😊😊

Aleeha Saif

Aleeha Saif . 14 hours ago

I have the same shirt

Zahida Javed

Zahida Javed . 14 hours ago

Very nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Abdul rehman malik

Abdul rehman malik . 14 hours ago

Make a video on favourite food

Abdul rehman malik

Abdul rehman malik . 14 hours ago

My miss anand s pizza

Neha Bhardwaj

Neha Bhardwaj . 14 hours ago

Pizza Anand

ALLAH kNOWs What Is In Heart

ALLAH kNOWs What Is In Heart . 14 hours ago

golgappa challange please

Prem Darji

Prem Darji . 14 hours ago

My miss anand your pizza is best

Babita Jain

Babita Jain . 15 hours ago

Dadu pizza is best

Naghma Rani

Naghma Rani . 15 hours ago


Monika Saluja

Monika Saluja . 15 hours ago

Make a vidio on human vs animal

Kanchan Churiwala

Kanchan Churiwala . 15 hours ago

Anantya your pizza is the best

ashish gupta

ashish gupta . 15 hours ago

dada ka sabse accha tha

Jasu Tiwari

Jasu Tiwari . 15 hours ago

Grandmother pezzasonice

Mohsina Ansari

Mohsina Ansari . 15 hours ago


Rameshwari Jha

Rameshwari Jha . 16 hours ago

gems pizza

rajeshwari tyagi

rajeshwari tyagi . 16 hours ago

All pizza name backchod and behenchod and madarchod pizza

Sangita Mishra

Sangita Mishra . 16 hours ago

Nice pizzas

Lakshmi Kant

Lakshmi Kant . 16 hours ago

I like 3rd πŸ•

Husne Ansari

Husne Ansari . 16 hours ago

Anantya ur pizza is so cutr

Kunal Goyal

Kunal Goyal . 16 hours ago

Who like anantya give me a like

swati goel

swati goel . 17 hours ago

Anantya is winner

subhasha ganapathy Rane

subhasha ganapathy Rane . 17 hours ago


Pradip Babu

Pradip Babu . 17 hours ago

Elante ka pizza

Elida Rebello

Elida Rebello . 17 hours ago

I like dadi's pizza

Vighnesh Fasge

Vighnesh Fasge . 17 hours ago

My miss anand😁😁😁😁😁😁

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