In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.

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Ben Berlin

Ben Berlin . 24 seconds ago

I just LOVE how you laugh from deep inside! God bless your grandma!

Uche Susan

Uche Susan . 13 minutes ago

Those big bumps they know my Slippers hahahah

Angelica du Plessis

Angelica du Plessis . 18 minutes ago

I from SA and i watched all your comedy shows before

Elaine Maluleke

Elaine Maluleke . 22 minutes ago

Wow! This is amazing Trevor! & this is what I love about comedians, you’re just bound to be authentic! Amazing 👏🏾

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones . 27 minutes ago

I have such a huge crush on him 😍😍😍

Kokob Temelso

Kokob Temelso . 27 minutes ago

I love ur grandma


JenniferCNixon . 33 minutes ago

He’s so great! I want to be friends with Trevor and his Gogo! He made me miss my Grandmas. ❤️

Dragos Galben

Dragos Galben . 33 minutes ago

A very special lady. This made my day!!! All the best and respect in the world.

Rebecca Bonaparte

Rebecca Bonaparte . 33 minutes ago

Thanks for sharing that part of your life with us, Trevor. We appreciate you, brother. Your grandma is awesome.

Jason Wright

Jason Wright . 37 minutes ago

This is one instance where YouTube needs a "love" button. This was absolutely amazing! I love your grandmother's sweet spirit. I also see where you get your comedic timing.

Rosa Larroza-Berrett

Rosa Larroza-Berrett . 37 minutes ago

Wooooowwwwww! Smoking hot! Smoking hot humble! Smoking hot talented! Smoking hot sweet! I do respect you

Want a million subs with no video .

Want a million subs with no video . . 47 minutes ago

Load shedding lmfao she's funny we have loading shedding right now . Lol south africaaaaa


purityprima . 47 minutes ago

When did he install the generator

joshua correia

joshua correia . 57 minutes ago

"We didn't have any cars" what about the beetle, or your stepfathers car that you got caught stealing

Mark Time

Mark Time . 58 minutes ago

Such a cool grandma

Ellie McHale

Ellie McHale . 58 minutes ago

Those big bumps, Trev. Coco’s got that right.

Rahma Al-Jashmi

Rahma Al-Jashmi . 59 minutes ago

It's really amazing hearing this. In real Muslim countries never experienced this. its weird for to segregated to color of skin. That's was from 1400 years ago.

ghasan ahmed

ghasan ahmed . 1 hour ago

Get her solar man so she can watch your show

shekhar jskem

shekhar jskem . 1 hour ago

Trevor, you are amazing ! and your grandmother is such a wonderful lady!

Kagiso Alice Litlhakanyane

Kagiso Alice Litlhakanyane . 1 hour ago

i love umakhulu

Melchiz Oyamo

Melchiz Oyamo . 1 hour ago

Gogo is 91 years and 9 months and still strong! Long live Gogo!

CookyATL Wilson

CookyATL Wilson . 1 hour ago

Trevor thank you for sharing that with us. I love your grandma! Blessings on her always. She looks amazing for 91 and nine months! Lol! God bless her!

rosette mukiibi

rosette mukiibi . 1 hour ago


holy_toxic aka toxic

holy_toxic aka toxic . 1 hour ago


Moaath MAS

Moaath MAS . 2 hours ago

Wow British Empire well done!!

Celina Lima

Celina Lima . 2 hours ago

This was such a great clip! Thank you for sharing, reminds me so much of my family in Brazil and so great to put things into perspective. Good luck with the generator haha

Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams . 2 hours ago

How can you give this video a thumbs down?

Marina Mimbela

Marina Mimbela . 2 hours ago

Así que Trevor conoció el poder de la chancla! Ja ja ja.

Bushra Monowar

Bushra Monowar . 2 hours ago

i dont know why i am crying... i can feel the love and emotion these two share... and also the horror of racism.... i wish grandma good health and more happy years to come

Hillary Nsala

Hillary Nsala . 2 hours ago

This was amazing to watch. Really warmed my heart. She raised an incredible man. God bless them


J1824 . 2 hours ago

talks so much shit about america, refuses to live in his own actual house in south africa. Well done trevor noah

mystic animations

mystic animations . 2 hours ago

I'm proudly south african

Ryne Warukira

Ryne Warukira . 2 hours ago



DeviantMotives . 2 hours ago

Lovely lady 🌺. I want her to be my grandma


DeviantMotives . 2 hours ago

MTV cribs oppression edition. Lmao!!

Trini2deebone Islandgyrl

Trini2deebone Islandgyrl . 2 hours ago

So sad to even hear you reflect on white people running things in a black nation...separating blacks but using them to cook for them...sad! How could this be! Strong lovely woman! How dare they go to an African nation and do this. Yet in America the racist say...go back to Africa...blacks suffer even in their own country.

Thembela Ciliwe

Thembela Ciliwe . 2 hours ago

Ohh man i enjoyed every second of this

Magnus Von Eich

Magnus Von Eich . 2 hours ago

fucking monkies had it made under "apartheid"no they have shit and no work!

erandi jones vega

erandi jones vega . 2 hours ago

this is the most precious thing i’ve ever watched.

Kina Litova

Kina Litova . 2 hours ago

She’s So cute✨

Belinda Aulenkamp

Belinda Aulenkamp . 2 hours ago

Oh wait theres no toilet paper🤣


Viseral_Notion . 2 hours ago

She is such a darling....and hilarious.


topside2 . 2 hours ago

When I’m 91 I hope on as sharp as this woman!!! Heck, I hope when my grandparents are 91 they’re as sharp as her!!!

Jacqueline Bronner

Jacqueline Bronner . 2 hours ago

I loved the show!


Spunkymunky . 2 hours ago

He looks better dressed like this, rather than the way he dresses on the show. There's more charm about him.


topside2 . 2 hours ago

So dope! When he’s home his accent comes back!

Crystal Stachera

Crystal Stachera . 2 hours ago


Sharon M

Sharon M . 2 hours ago

I miss my grandma. God bless her ✝️

Blender Robot

Blender Robot . 2 hours ago

This Trevor guy needs to learn from xxxTentacion, first thing x did when he got dough was buy his momma a mansion... but clearly Trevor doesn't see things in the same way

Debasmita Paul

Debasmita Paul . 3 hours ago

Hey Trevor, could you upload some videos about your videos on the conditions of the whites in South Africa?

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