In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.

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SN Arie

SN Arie . 22 minutes ago

Loved it!

Deeq Adan

Deeq Adan . 2 hours ago

Awesome 👍 interview


Unique_Aether . 2 hours ago

I want a Gogo!!

Ms. Girtman - Boynton Beach High School

Ms. Girtman - Boynton Beach High School . 4 hours ago

I love how his 90 year old grandma (Coco) in South Africa is just like my 90 year old grandma (Mae Mae) in Hammond, Indiana (a Chicago suburb). Mae Mae and Coco are the the same people! We love our elders!


the.mighty.kyuss . 8 hours ago

I miss my grandmother... She was 94. She grew up on a farm in Missouri during the great depression. She met my papa and married him when he got back from fighting in the pacific theater in world war 2. The first president she ever voted for was Roosevelt. So many more things I would have loved to talk with her about..

Magnus Wikström

Magnus Wikström . 8 hours ago

Now I know where Trevor got his sense of humor! What a wonderful woman!

Sechaba Aapies

Sechaba Aapies . 12 hours ago

taxi driver trevor!!

Andile Zama

Andile Zama . 22 hours ago

Trevor thank you for teaching the world about Africa

Hisheem King

Hisheem King . 23 hours ago

They were not 😄 this was beautiful to see him visit his grandma she's every black mens grandma in my eyes,I really miss my grandmothers they all passed but one thank you for letting us in brother

Evan Imatlantis1

Evan Imatlantis1 . 1 day ago

Such a beautiful woman.

T'Ahnse' Cunnningham

T'Ahnse' Cunnningham . 1 day ago

Trevor is such husband material😭😭😭why do i have to be 17 but hey i turn 18 in march lol but besides that i love the fact that he still shows love for his country and how he cares for his grandmother💖💖💖💖💖🌺🌺🌺🌺😩😩😩😩😩😩

Yacqub Dublin

Yacqub Dublin . 1 day ago

I can stop watching this is story

Yacqub Dublin

Yacqub Dublin . 1 day ago

This is why I love old people🙌🏽

Nathaniel Mesekale

Nathaniel Mesekale . 2 days ago

yo this the most precious thing I've ever seen... I lost both my grandparents last year, and I miss all the stories they told me about Ethiopia... this a real blessing!

tony la

tony la . 2 days ago

Great Trevor... lots of love from AMSTERDAM

Olivia Sathyamoorthi

Olivia Sathyamoorthi . 2 days ago

This just reminded me of my ma and o'ma and their experience.So sweet. 😍 I kinda died when she said the kids ran away from Trevor ba re 'Lekgowa'! 😂🤣

Mbazira James

Mbazira James . 2 days ago

She is so smart

Dua'a Alsayed

Dua'a Alsayed . 2 days ago

Oh my god we have shards on our wall too 😂😂😂

Nick Chen

Nick Chen . 2 days ago

I will definitely go to Africa to meet those funny beautiful and kindly people.Btw Trevor is my favorite comedian ...Respect from Brooklyn !!!

Nick Chen

Nick Chen . 2 days ago

God bless Gogo...

Camille Bancod

Camille Bancod . 2 days ago

This breaks my heart . 💔

K. Barnes

K. Barnes . 2 days ago

Mr. Noah, Thank you.. love and light to you.

The Onion Devil

The Onion Devil . 2 days ago

Awe this is the sweetest thing I have ever seen


LOVESJESUS410 REALTY . 2 days ago

This episode brought me closer to this black brother. Thank you for keepin it real. GOD bless Coco

Cow Boy

Cow Boy . 2 days ago

Well I'm sorry Mrs strange if this comment hit home at your house but if you don't appreciate Trevor for being a humble young man then your problems run deeper than any tone I could ever muster now how are your children raised ?

Leyla Abayhan

Leyla Abayhan . 2 days ago

Watching this brought me to tears.. Wow . Please help ur grandma in every way you can 😥

Nhlanhla MacG

Nhlanhla MacG . 3 days ago

Before i watch this i got to say I bought ur book yesterday n started reading it today, i found myself laughing non-stop within the first paragraph of the first chapter and gladly so far I've connected with the book. Thanks now let me see wat u got here

Margaret Williams

Margaret Williams . 3 days ago


Ano nymous Pri vet

Ano nymous Pri vet . 3 days ago

Just honored my gran at 95yr 10mtths. She is every bit as lively as Trevor's Koko.


LRaeM B . 3 days ago

* first thing you do when you come to an African house is you greet* OH HELL YEAH. Try to come to my mum house without greeting politely!! That’s the end of our friendship.

Haha Haha

Haha Haha . 3 days ago

I'm afraid to be manager on black people - love SA!!!

Her Majesty

Her Majesty . 4 days ago

That was absolutely enthralling to watch. Much love to you and your grandmother.

Mark Putin

Mark Putin . 4 days ago

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Freya . 4 days ago

as an indian i can relate love to all the black people from india


jluckhun . 4 days ago

seriously, who are these 3.6k people who disliked this video?

Juraé Zion

Juraé Zion . 4 days ago


Lately25 . 4 days ago

She is absolutely lovely.

M C Smith

M C Smith . 4 days ago

Is your Grandmother looking for a granddaughter to adopt? I am available.


holygroove2 . 4 days ago

What a beautiful person she is. Straight honesty.


大豬豬 . 4 days ago

why his grandma can speak english?

Claribel Ngundu

Claribel Ngundu . 4 days ago

OMG I'm so obsessed with Trevor and now his granny. You can tell his family is his foundation and he has great love for them. I just LOVE this man

Mxolisi Vuma

Mxolisi Vuma . 4 days ago

"Inguuudu...ingudu vele!" Trevor 😂😂😂

D Ashrielle H

D Ashrielle H . 4 days ago



ghaffir . 4 days ago

She is wonderful.


nannyslove777 . 4 days ago

I enjoyed watching this video and listening to the wisdom of Trevor's grandmother. However,Trevor, you must do better in making sure that your grandmother has the things she needs. Come on now Trevor how is it possible that her electricity and cable goes out? If it is due to a lack of money - Trevor, do better. Cherish her Trevor. I still enjoy watching your show :)

Life At Thirty

Life At Thirty . 4 days ago

I'm sorry Trevor you funny but gogo need her own show 😂😂😂


thecursed01 . 4 days ago

does anyone know if he also has contact with his father?

Nikhil Koranne

Nikhil Koranne . 4 days ago


D NaTasha

D NaTasha . 4 days ago



bluefolktronica . 4 days ago

This is beautiful!

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