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Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2
Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment

Published on 6 days ago

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Parke . 10 minutes ago

So I guess the MCU is totally ignoring Carol Danvers history as Ms. Marvel and being a mutant that tangled with Rogue?

John Lorenz S. Dela Cruz

John Lorenz S. Dela Cruz . 14 minutes ago

Is that Green Lantern coprs? Oppss

Spastic Gaming

Spastic Gaming . 14 minutes ago

Big plot twist - mar-vell becomes Ronan

Muhammad Umar

Muhammad Umar . 19 minutes ago


Adeola Adeyemi

Adeola Adeyemi . 19 minutes ago

I hope captain America finds a Bride in Captain Marvel, so they can both live for eternity. Lol!!!!

WhatsApp video status

WhatsApp video status . 24 minutes ago



Xebys . 25 minutes ago

according to feige, Capt Marvel is strong enough to move planets oh sheezz!!!

Me myself and my obsession with questionable stuff

Me myself and my obsession with questionable stuff . 26 minutes ago

Okay but what if Captain Marvel and Thor meet in IW before they were formally introduced to each other and just assumed that the other was the enemy and just started the most badass fight in the MCU? Like, probably not likely to happen but STILL, these are literally two of the strongest there is.

Barath Selvaraj

Barath Selvaraj . 27 minutes ago

Captain Marvel walks in... Thanos snaps his fingers once again... ...Endgame...

Zach Clemens

Zach Clemens . 27 minutes ago

Anyone else get a green lantern type of vibe from this?

Luca Brownie

Luca Brownie . 31 minutes ago

How many powers does she have, and does that cat have powers

Gandalf Stormcrow

Gandalf Stormcrow . 34 minutes ago

Too many superhero movies ! Think i need to take time before I allow another into my life .....

Jim F

Jim F . 42 minutes ago

Great another feminist Hollywood movie. What a waste.


28Ledis . 44 minutes ago

same old same old

Tony Lee

Tony Lee . 49 minutes ago

Young Nick Fury! Wow

Zain Khosa

Zain Khosa . 58 minutes ago

*The cat will lead to kill Thanos* *Thanos has left the chat* Copy pasted

Cypher XY

Cypher XY . 1 hour ago



NHNASEM . 1 hour ago

2018 and 19 were the best... Thanks MARVEL

Ushan Bandara

Ushan Bandara . 1 hour ago

captain marvel defeat thanos


Fakenit66 . 1 hour ago

Hae they just re-used the dark elf make-up and prosthetics from Thor the dark world for the skrulls?


stabilisedchaos . 2 hours ago

She flys through space and destroys enemy craft with plasma from her hands like Ironman....is that it? Still garbage. Third trailer better be good.

I Official

I Official . 2 hours ago



oof . 2 hours ago

"im gonna end it" why did i cringe. she doesn't sound like a captain marvel.

David Ng

David Ng . 2 hours ago

Superman look like a boy now.

dark knight sayain

dark knight sayain . 2 hours ago

Who should defeat thanos Like: thor Comment: captain marvel

juan guzman

juan guzman . 2 hours ago

Im sorry Im not feeling it for this one, theres no moment I feel rooting for her, she looks great in her powerful form, but story wise it looks bland. obstacles aren't clear but it should still have a style I just don't feel it

Henry Ortiz

Henry Ortiz . 2 hours ago

Uggghhhhh here acting is like nails scratching a chalk board.

Luigi Tuazon

Luigi Tuazon . 2 hours ago

Wow. PS4 CGI in that last one. 1:52 - 1:58


SabreAnt . 2 hours ago

Still think Superman is cooler


CJ P. . 2 hours ago


꧁『 』꧂

꧁『 』꧂ . 2 hours ago

Hmmm i'm late


trooperJac . 2 hours ago

A HER O !? You know there is already a word for that - it's 'heroine'.

Keith Lund

Keith Lund . 2 hours ago

Looks ok. I hope it's good.

Wisik candra padmasari

Wisik candra padmasari . 2 hours ago

Y'all she is the mother of Avenger

The Dominus

The Dominus . 3 hours ago

0:42 Hillary Clinton?

Anton Kiss

Anton Kiss . 3 hours ago

Green lantern 2?

Banner Sphinx

Banner Sphinx . 3 hours ago

someone get that grandma some snickers bar.

Sung-Hoon Kim

Sung-Hoon Kim . 3 hours ago

Aquaman looks better than this.

Moon The Gamer

Moon The Gamer . 3 hours ago

1:50 super saiyan

Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams . 3 hours ago

looks so cool!

Jay Swift

Jay Swift . 3 hours ago

Didn’t this Hoe fall in love with her son???... Fail Marvel...Fail

Tiến Long Dương

Tiến Long Dương . 4 hours ago

that old woman reminds me of the one in madagascar movies


PippyLongStockings . 4 hours ago

I thought she was made when Captain Marvel shielded her from a blast and their dna infused ?

JayVern Productions

JayVern Productions . 4 hours ago

I can’t wait till she learns ULTRA INSTINCT

Clarence W

Clarence W . 4 hours ago

Hard pass. No thanks

John Krummel

John Krummel . 4 hours ago

Captain Marvel in the original comic book was a man...


EastCoastLifestyle . 4 hours ago

I’m not sure if that’s makeup or special affects, but they did a great job with young Nick Furry/Samuel L Jackson. I wonder if this will explain how he loses the eye. My money’s on the cat!

BloodRose Reaper

BloodRose Reaper . 4 hours ago

Love how Carol's like " Fury, I love cat's too, but we need to get this done, "

Be Good Do Great

Be Good Do Great . 4 hours ago

the feminists are taking over...

Based Plissken

Based Plissken . 4 hours ago

Captain Menstrual

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