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Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2
Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment

Published on 3 months ago

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Ark Dracul

Ark Dracul . 2 minutes ago

The perfect lil girl growing up into the perfect woman with perfect hair joins the airforce and competes with her nasty white male comrades becoming the perfect pilot becomes a perfect OP superhero with perfect hair with purrfect pet cat and perfect co-star(Samuel L. Jackson) perfectly defeats her foes while still retaining perfect hair and soon will perfectly kill Thanos. ~ Perfection is Boring

Eduardo Reyes

Eduardo Reyes . 2 minutes ago

Who will win thor or capitán marvel

John Doe

John Doe . 11 minutes ago

So nick fury is playing with a cat and she’s all business right... I mean really? Hollywood sucks. Maybe just make a decent movie and stay out of politics.

Robo Faust

Robo Faust . 34 minutes ago

This movie is going to bomb hard. My guess is an ~$80mil opening weekend, which is somewhere around half of the initial estimate.

Nehemiah Richardson

Nehemiah Richardson . 36 minutes ago

I really just want this to be a good, well made movie. Politics around it kinda suck but that's whatever to me. The acting doesnt look great that sucks. But regardless I still want this movie to be good. Fingers crossed I guess..

y Joker

y Joker . 36 minutes ago

Not my captain.

Daniel McRae

Daniel McRae . 59 minutes ago

Poo poo


Dracula . 1 hour ago

Pilot who receives powers from an alien, Why it sounds so familiar to me?, what do you think about that, Hal?

Drudown 85

Drudown 85 . 1 hour ago

Looks like complete trash... might be the first marvel movie I miss on purpose.


CO2Giger . 1 hour ago

Does anyone know where this music is from?

Bot TidePod

Bot TidePod . 1 hour ago

Girls are obviously not good fighters. I hate the 21st century. If she kills thanos I'm going to give up.


z3k3 . 1 hour ago

This is hot garbage

Francis Board Coppola

Francis Board Coppola . 1 hour ago

Out of all the marvel movies coming out, this one deserves to bomb the most

Vyttoria Campos

Vyttoria Campos . 1 hour ago

Marvel logic: They don't make a Black Widow movie cuz shes female but they are making a Captian Marvel movie

Haram Bae

Haram Bae . 1 hour ago

Not even marvel could pull off a badass third wave feminist


JustYourAverage . 1 hour ago

A lesson for all the little boys in the comments section: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge a movie by its trailer or actress.

Ace Destroyer

Ace Destroyer . 1 hour ago

Wonder Woman > captain marvel

Sky Fall

Sky Fall . 2 hours ago

what a joke. and does every film now have to be a cheap cgi fest?

PuRe Av3ng4r

PuRe Av3ng4r . 2 hours ago

I wish she disappeared when thanos snapped his fingers

Julia Parr

Julia Parr . 2 hours ago

Maybe it's just a misleading trailer? The Star Wars Prequels' trailers were really cool and exciting, but the movies sucked. Maybe (hopefully) in this movie, the trailer sucks but the movie is great?

Quantum Mint

Quantum Mint . 2 hours ago

This has to be the cringest marvel trailer ever. Good job on ruining a movie with feminism


DarkSpark . 2 hours ago

Brie Larson has changed me and I never thought it would happen...I will run to any D.C movie after this ....I might just switch sides...and this trailer is boring and her acting looks bland and terrible.

MP38 Gaming

MP38 Gaming . 2 hours ago

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was actually interested, I like all MCU films. They brought some characters I never knew about and made them some of the most familiar faces ever. I couldn't wait for Captain Marvel. And, I don't care what you say, I think her acting is pretty decent. However, now my interest in this movie is gone. Knowing now that the lead actress is a racist and a sexist, I will probably not even bother to see this movie.

Daryl Hodson

Daryl Hodson . 2 hours ago

Seems like this is the first nut punch to the MCU...


Snakefate . 2 hours ago

Well I was excited untill I realized that I am a white male so I can't watch this movie guess I'll give my ticket to a more deserving person and go watch Shazam


thetowndrunk . 2 hours ago

This movie is gunna bomb

Metal Head

Metal Head . 2 hours ago


Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon . 3 hours ago

Should of been a jacked jessica biel this brie larson is terribly bland

Metal Head

Metal Head . 3 hours ago

I love captain MARVEL and I'm gonna watch it (SHAZAM)

Karnage Fails

Karnage Fails . 3 hours ago


Scum E. Badger

Scum E. Badger . 3 hours ago

I'm a white male so I won't be seeing the movie. Brie told me not to bother. Thanks Brie!

Metal Head

Metal Head . 3 hours ago



coipoboy . 3 hours ago

yayyy captain mary sue saves everyone.

Mike Mcgee

Mike Mcgee . 3 hours ago

Wish I wasn’t a white male, I would love to watch this sexist, racist actress act Marvel into the ground. Go woke go broke


RR F . 3 hours ago

I'm a white male. I don't think Brie Larson likes me so won't be seeing this.

Blue Relotius

Blue Relotius . 3 hours ago

This "Actress" is a known Racist goddamnit!!

fuzz8520 H

fuzz8520 H . 3 hours ago

Does she have any acting skills?


Foxmanfilms1 . 4 hours ago

No thanks


Zuby . 4 hours ago

No one should have let her out of the “room”.

cfah plushvidz

cfah plushvidz . 4 hours ago

Yay this comes out on my B-day m

Micah Simpson

Micah Simpson . 4 hours ago

Noble warrior heros🤨 why make that in a sentence? It makes no sense

Sky Lee

Sky Lee . 4 hours ago

Got she so hott but has no charisma

Nicholas Hall

Nicholas Hall . 4 hours ago

After seeing Alita, I wish Rosa Salazar was Captain Marvel. She did such an amazing job as Alita. These Captain Marvel trailers got me cringing whenever Captain Marvel says or does things.

Joseph Hartoon

Joseph Hartoon . 4 hours ago

O yes being a white Male has great advantages, let alone being a geek and loving MCU...dont worry I wont interrupt your movie with my presence.

Shad Stevens

Shad Stevens . 4 hours ago

Captain Marvel will be here in 2 weeks

Spy Eye

Spy Eye . 4 hours ago


Carlos Dela Pina

Carlos Dela Pina . 4 hours ago

This was supposed to be a movie about a boy(Shazzam)

Jordan Coward

Jordan Coward . 4 hours ago

this looks AWESOME!! hear that everyone. Awesome!!! because it is

We the Seekers

We the Seekers . 4 hours ago

Same movie. Different weekend. Blah blah blah.

gay freakin frog

gay freakin frog . 4 hours ago

she needs to apologize to white men

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