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Battlefield 4 - best invisibility glitch ever! [EASY LVL UP!]


Published on 2 years ago

Battlefield 4 - best invisibility glitch ever! [EASY LVL UP!]
Check out my other glitches: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL4MZnyoTK_cFzaVc3RO7GPhRBPKqZdi3
Xyfning: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPQcs6jZEaKwceqSpiJKRhQ
Requirements to become invisible:
- A friend with c4 & defibrillator.
- A vehicle from wich your friend can throw c4 while he's on/in it.
- A grenade
- 1-3 minutes

- Let your friend blow up the vehicle your'e both in/on with c4.
- Do NOT die in the meantime your friend respawns with the defibrillator.
- Kill yourself using a grenade.
- Your friend will revive you by jumping and reviving the invisible body at the same time.
- Have fun!
I am not responsible for bans.
Use this glitch at own risk.
Thanks for watching & subscribe for more. :D
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GamingWithJay . 3 months ago

Still works lol-18


metaVendetta . 4 months ago

This video has fucking ruined bf4 thanks a lot you fucking dick!!


LinuxCraft . 5 months ago

How to git gud: Unplug PC, throw out window, stop playing video games. Enough of you glitchers and modders in the community already.


AC_CORVO Gaming . 5 months ago

14/9/2018 This glitch still working. I got killed by a player called salem on ps4 10 times


TUBOBUCATO . 6 months ago


chase Hill

chase Hill . 6 months ago

Please kys

TheBlackKnight_N N

TheBlackKnight_N N . 6 months ago

I just wanna know how to stop spawning in and not being able to use my weapon and I'm invisible this is Bs


DizzyChameleon . 6 months ago

Why would you _ever_ make a video about that?

Alexander DaMex

Alexander DaMex . 7 months ago

As soon as I revive the player goes back in his body. Anyone know how to fix it?

Alec Donkov

Alec Donkov . 8 months ago

Anyone tryna do this on ps4?

Excuse Me

Excuse Me . 9 months ago

Whats the fun about being invisible..Noobs will always be noobs I played against a team of invisible noobs last time..fuckin cunts

TEN4 Gamer

TEN4 Gamer . 11 months ago

you showed siege with the jetski but no jet ski in transmission rogue so what vehicle do you use ?

Nephilim Research

Nephilim Research . 12 months ago

Not cool. Now it's time to start playing PC again. R.I.P PlayStation 4, or any PlayStation for that sake. The only reason we stuck with Sony was glitching was rare to none. Now sadly it can be seen often. But good to know they can be killed. And t-bagging must occur then.

Nikolai Your Crazy Uncle

Nikolai Your Crazy Uncle . 1 year ago

Jesus, can you people just die in a high speed car crash? You’re literally responsible for fucking up the game by reaching people to use something that bullshit.

Pain_Ted _

Pain_Ted _ . 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing now I’m getting killed by more invisible assholes than before

Mamoru Amagi

Mamoru Amagi . 1 year ago

this same as my russian friend slon123456789000 on ps3 he help me a lot slon192 battlelog and masterngtkiller

Despair m8

Despair m8 . 1 year ago

how sad does your life have to be to do this shit

tinsilver Wolf

tinsilver Wolf . 1 year ago

This glitch is so stupid why can't you just play the game the way it is and make better for everyone who plays it

Dillan Carney

Dillan Carney . 1 year ago

Fuck you for sharing this with people. You realize people still play this game fairly. Take this video down for the sake of good sportsmanship


КяакИатiфи . 1 year ago

No lifes making vides for other no life. How adorable. So sad that people are this terrible at a game and keeo trying to find ways to get kills. Whats up with the gay ass music too

Digger 55

Digger 55 . 2 years ago

Just find a server with active admins, these wankers get kick banned within minutes , no biggy.

Σωτηρης Θεο

Σωτηρης Θεο . 2 years ago

u managed to make 0.30 min vid 4 mins plus..

Miss Booty BAN

Miss Booty BAN . 2 years ago

Reporting potential cheaters If you want to report a potential cheater, visit the user’s Battlelog profile, click the report "exclamation mark” symbol at the top-right of their page, and fill in the reason for reporting them. You can submit links to videos or Battle Reports with evidence supporting your suspicions of cheating. We investigate all reports and will take action if a player is found to be cheating. For more information on how we work to suppress cheating in Battlefield, head to this Battlelog News post: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/news/view/2832654789222476703/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Sernandoe 2.0

Sernandoe 2.0 . 2 years ago

wtf why you even use this you son of a bitch

TheMonster Gameplay

TheMonster Gameplay . 2 years ago

For noobs :/

SAI Clan PS4

SAI Clan PS4 . 2 years ago

Fgggt! See more and more players doing this, low skill bobs, Delete this shitty video it destroys the game and dice dont give a fuck


Huber8288 . 2 years ago

Feel ashamed if you need to use this glitch


Keki . 2 years ago

got killed by 2 guys using this glitch , thanks for promoting this cancer....


Wolf07 . 2 years ago

how to do on pc?

Mr Mason

Mr Mason . 2 years ago

wankers like you ruin good games

David Parker

David Parker . 2 years ago

If you want to do this on PS4 add me: Parkay_69.


PrimitiveAK . 2 years ago

just know that if you do this glitch, i literally hope you get cancer. Period.


relentless_xAAx . 2 years ago

stupid cunts. ruining it for us. I always tea bag when I kill them noobs.

CRZY Hajghy

CRZY Hajghy . 2 years ago

Still working?

Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle . 2 years ago

I was playing a match of Zavod 311 and EVERYONE WAS FREAKING INVISIBLE!!!! At the very start they were killing themselves which was weird then I was getting killed by invisible players. Later I was hanging out on the roof when someone I didn't see try to knife me and I countered him. Lol

ItzAtarii _

ItzAtarii _ . 2 years ago



fishmitten69 . 2 years ago

this has been patched now guys ,

Bin Beany

Bin Beany . 2 years ago

yo my nuggas add up commander521 on xbone if u want to fuck me

Captain Zeppos

Captain Zeppos . 2 years ago

Fuck.all.cheaters. Permaban for life. But it's EA and EA do not care. Fuck EA too.

Raducan Denis

Raducan Denis . 2 years ago

cool ca marche ps3 aussi ??

Mic Spam God

Mic Spam God . 2 years ago

Work for PS4 m8?


Galvatron . 2 years ago

what does it show up for the kill cam for the person who was killed by you ?


KxngZy . 2 years ago

people r so difficult.. who can help me do this?


dlorp . 2 years ago

PS4, PSN: Sheepiesaurus- I wanna try this

Cuca Beludo

Cuca Beludo . 2 years ago

best glich

Влад Ткаченко

Влад Ткаченко . 2 years ago

2017 Glitch working! PS4


DowN2PanterA . 2 years ago

I just honestly wish from the bottom of my heart that all the turdblossoms making this glitch for advantage to just get a very,very,very bad type of cancer,if you cant play a shooter legit,u probably cant do nothing else,or in other words,ur useless,ur the kind of person that is better dead,turn fertilizer and help tree growing please.

Isaac Miranda

Isaac Miranda . 2 years ago

wow i played some bf4 today had 2 guys like that i was 52 .16 in the end and the guy 40 . 10 how can u still suck even invisible lmfao...i dnt need that shit...all i need is my rifle right guyssss..

s0ng0ku s0ng0ku

s0ng0ku s0ng0ku . 2 years ago


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