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Yellow Claw & DJ Snake - Public Enemy
Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw

Published on 8 months ago

New Blood is OUT NOW on Barong Family

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: http://barong.family/newblood


MRX FR13NDS . 4 days ago


Lalrosiem Khawbung

Lalrosiem Khawbung . 6 days ago

I like yellow claw

Y- Muzikk

Y- Muzikk . 1 week ago

Drop harder than I drop my cat from 500m tall building

Fernando Belaunde Peralta

Fernando Belaunde Peralta . 1 week ago

Return to Peru please ♥️⚡💥

Tatiana Samison

Tatiana Samison . 2 weeks ago

You prefer Public Enemy or Enemy Island ?

Subham Nayak

Subham Nayak . 2 weeks ago

Fire 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

Anuj Rathor

Anuj Rathor . 2 weeks ago

All right boy new blood is back

Mahadev Yelwande

Mahadev Yelwande . 3 weeks ago


Fabián Llancapan

Fabián Llancapan . 3 weeks ago



190kurt . 3 weeks ago

Ooooohh sshhhiiitt!!! IT'S A TTRRRAAAAPPPP!!! 😱😱😱😱😮 Music to me Ears!! ✌💀💀💀👽

Nip Jyoti Gogoi

Nip Jyoti Gogoi . 3 weeks ago

SeXc 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Andree Lah

Andree Lah . 4 weeks ago

use this song copyright or no?

Aykhan Mammedzade

Aykhan Mammedzade . 4 weeks ago

This does not sound like hip hop

David Calderon

David Calderon . 4 weeks ago

Finally !out the whole album something more like yellow mf claw !!!!shit is lit 😎😎😎😎

S king official

S king official . 1 month ago


S king official

S king official . 1 month ago

dj snake and ......... ..... .... yellow claw

Dige Aeron

Dige Aeron . 1 month ago

The best music in the year

super sking

super sking . 1 month ago

this music is 100/101

Jennifer Machigua Erazo

Jennifer Machigua Erazo . 1 month ago

I still hear "YELLOW MOTHERFUCKING CLAW" in my head. You never disappoint Yellow Claw and DJ Snake 😍

D T H Kumar

D T H Kumar . 1 month ago


Saad Ahmed

Saad Ahmed . 1 month ago

Goddamn yellow claw i'll admit you all know a thing or two about good build ups but fuck me get rid of those shitty drops that plague 90% of your tunes!

Onur Yarbasan

Onur Yarbasan . 2 months ago



DARKSABER . 2 months ago

これ聴くとTik tokで踊ってるクソエロJK思い出してムラムラするんだよなぁ…

Padmaja Kulkarni

Padmaja Kulkarni . 2 months ago

Yellow claw father of 🎶


89アリス・カータレット . 2 months ago


Neehal Kanojiya

Neehal Kanojiya . 2 months ago

It's got beat

Steph hani

Steph hani . 2 months ago


Yusuf Albana

Yusuf Albana . 2 months ago

YELLOW MOTHER FUCKING CLAW !!!!! From Indonesia 🇮🇩

b2 Films and Gaming

b2 Films and Gaming . 2 months ago

Im a fan of trap music so nice and cool but Iwant dubstep

שנהב בן שאול

שנהב בן שאול . 2 months ago


czefrita maudia

czefrita maudia . 2 months ago

ready player one should be tittle song


KURTLAR E SPORTS . 2 months ago

Russia ambulance siren

Melin medelin

Melin medelin . 2 months ago



DAVEULVER Official . 2 months ago


Rheno 12

Rheno 12 . 2 months ago


Sahil Seikh

Sahil Seikh . 2 months ago

ooooooooh maaaah god!!


大佐マンディ/シーズン1勢 . 3 months ago


Arina Roblox

Arina Roblox . 3 months ago

Кто русский лайк!

Lee Taeyong

Lee Taeyong . 3 months ago

DJ Snake!


MR. S . 3 months ago

DJ Snake :75% Yellow Claw: 25%


DUBPL8S 666 . 3 months ago

The vocals chops are soo ass, Sonny (Skrillex) is the bests at vocal chops. Too bad he got dropped from this and brought DJ Snake to finish it. The Skrillex version/demo was a lot better, these annoying vocal chops weren't there, the was a drop using synths from Jungle Bae, the 2nd half of the second drop was completely different, the pre drop vocal sounded a lot better, overall the Skrillex version sound flowed better and fun fact was up for sale on music mafia, which have literally everyone's unreleased music, mostly rappers and some EDM artist too, it was for sale for 500 dollars in bitcoin but no one bought it, then r/Skrillex was going to band together to buy it but then music mafia raised the price to 1 bitcoin which is $7500 USD.

Sh Zafar

Sh Zafar . 4 months ago

I love you Snake

lil gonezz

lil gonezz . 4 months ago


Arup Bhaskar

Arup Bhaskar . 4 months ago

waiting for kaolo part 4

farman Malik teck

farman Malik teck . 4 months ago

https://youtu.be/TwutIqVsi-0 Hey gys plz Like and subscribe my videos

Thao Phuong

Thao Phuong . 4 months ago

I’m fucking crazy for this stuff

brajesh kumar

brajesh kumar . 4 months ago



Rahul MAHOR . 4 months ago

Hell yeah

Gas Blood

Gas Blood . 4 months ago

Is the drop supposed to be Trap? Or kind of Hardstyle?


Greensky02 . 4 months ago

I dunno... needs more cowbell! But seriously... the beat was DOPE until all the siren sounds started on repeat... nope I'm out! Way to kill a track!

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