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Russian Worship Songs
Christian Worship Songs

Christian Worship Songs

Published on 5 years ago


르토 . 4 weeks ago

putin😠👎 jesus😆💪👍

Kemar Wynter

Kemar Wynter . 1 month ago

Great language

kateregga collins

kateregga collins . 3 months ago

Someone help me understand this

a j stephan

a j stephan . 4 months ago

Awesome song


coolvids95 . 6 months ago

First few songs are: 1.Hosanna- осанна 2.All i need is you lord 3.You'll come 4.Glorify your name 5.Tell the world 6.To know your name- познать тебя All from Hillsong.

Northeast India in details

Northeast India in details . 6 months ago

hail mother russia

Juan Martín Vargas Carrillo

Juan Martín Vargas Carrillo . 6 months ago

Hello how are you? I am colombian , IS GREAT, PREKRASEN. GOD BLESS YOU

Walter Junior

Walter Junior . 11 months ago

I really liked that worship songs! Congratulations Dears Friends!❤️

Juan Martín Vargas Carrillo

Juan Martín Vargas Carrillo . 12 months ago

ЭТО БОЛЬШОЕ. ФЕНОМЕНАЛЬНЫЙ. ГОСПОДЬ ИИСУС ХРИСТ БЛАГОСЛОВИТ ВАС. Я колумбийский. juanmartnvargascarrillo@rocketmail.com


marn200 . 1 year ago

What's the son on 27:18?


marn200 . 1 year ago

1. 0:00 Осанна - Hosanna 2. ?? - All I need is You (Lord) 31:11 - 36:26 - further i don't know Here a few timestamps.

Martin Pacheco

Martin Pacheco . 1 year ago

Привет всем, хотел бы знать, есть ли кто-нибудь, кто знает название песни, начинающейся с минут 54:30? Большое спасибо!

Serene Wong

Serene Wong . 2 years ago

may the good Lord Yahweh bless and keep Russia

Sơn Hữu

Sơn Hữu . 2 years ago

Help me list all song names in this video, plz

Solomon Nayak

Solomon Nayak . 2 years ago

Thanks​ for the beautiful scenery & appropriate worshipping song to Glorify the Holy GOD, the Holy Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit. Thank you.


alexandra . 2 years ago

Beautiful! Praise the name of Yeshua!


Emmanuel . 2 years ago

изучение Библии http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/thru-the-bible-international/listen/russian/


PerfumoPeru . 2 years ago

hi, do you know of latin american covers in russian? you know songs from Marcos Barrientos, Marcos Witt

Don Cossack

Don Cossack . 3 years ago

I honestly prefer the old Russian christian hymns, but this is still great

Daniel Ortiz

Daniel Ortiz . 3 years ago

Every tonge will confess Jesus Is Lord! Toda langua confesara Jesus es Senor!


XD WINDY WIND XD . 3 years ago

Amen!!!! Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy upon us!!!!!! And all Your blessings !!!! Hallelujah to our Jesus!!!!!!

Kelly Kuettner

Kelly Kuettner . 3 years ago

I am learning Russian and I know very little. I love hearing the singing in Russian at church. The language is so beautiful and melodic and rich, touches deep in the soul.

Denis La Fauci

Denis La Fauci . 3 years ago

What are the names of these songs?


SuperSteve . 3 years ago

Not sure how I got here but I'm not leaving Love all my Russian brothers & sisters much

Sebastian Jacobsen

Sebastian Jacobsen . 3 years ago

God ness of heaven of the beautiful angels of the the perfect and excellent gods of a beautiful songs this is.

Eduardus Pausta

Eduardus Pausta . 3 years ago

Russian Worship Songs.....very nice.....Thank you so much. God bless you. Shalom


Kosmos12345678 . 4 years ago

Thank you, for posting! God's blessings to you. :)


FloatingPandaMonster . 4 years ago

+Christian Worship Songs  It'll be nice if you provided a song list for us to know what songs are playing at the moment. It'll be very helpful if you did that 'cause even though some of us may be able to recognise the tunes, we'd like to know the song titles (preferably in both English and [insert language of the songs])

Jenny Sielas

Jenny Sielas . 4 years ago

Hou Great Thou Art


jelenamkon . 4 years ago

А можно опубликовать полный списокпесен сэтого ролика?

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