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Superheroes - The Script (Lyrics)


Published on 8 months ago

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"Superheroes - The Script (Lyrics)"
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Superheroes’ is the first single from the new album ‘No Sound Without Silence'.

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Pre-order ‘No Sound Without Silence’ here:
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Kania Amritha

Kania Amritha . 1 week ago


Death Metal

Death Metal . 1 week ago

Ia amezing


Friyay . 1 week ago

the wonderland made a cover to this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Adi Gusta

Adi Gusta . 2 weeks ago


Jonalyn Dela Cruz

Jonalyn Dela Cruz . 3 weeks ago

It's a good suggestion for a moving up ceremony song right ?

May Day

May Day . 3 weeks ago

Who like this song❤🎵 👇

Klaudia Mojas

Klaudia Mojas . 3 weeks ago

Best song

John vincent Diaz

John vincent Diaz . 3 weeks ago



phoenixkat3 . 3 weeks ago

this song is so emotional and inspiring. I am going through a really tough time at the moment and this song brought me to tears. xoxox

Adhiraj Baruah

Adhiraj Baruah . 4 weeks ago

You Are The Superhero Of Your Own World Do The Impossible Achieve Heights Make Memories Do What Makes You Happy Theres Nothing You Cant Do You Are Amazing You Are A True Fighter Fight Through The Darkness And You Will Succeed *YOU ARE A SUPERHERO*

Gaster Follower 19

Gaster Follower 19 . 4 weeks ago

With all the shit I go through at school and home, this song really speaks to me. Thank god for YouTube and especially friends.


SWE HE . 4 weeks ago

I love this song so much. This is a meaningful song.

BlinD Spotzz

BlinD Spotzz . 4 weeks ago

<3 <3

Alice brita!!! Gonçalves amo. vcs 1d

Alice brita!!! Gonçalves amo. vcs 1d . 4 weeks ago

That's how a superhero Learns to flyyyyy..... ❤❤❤

Jovy Wakit

Jovy Wakit . 4 weeks ago

..great song

Jovy Wakit

Jovy Wakit . 4 weeks ago

..great song

Mitta Islam O5

Mitta Islam O5 . 1 month ago


Angga Hendrawandana

Angga Hendrawandana . 1 month ago

Makasih ya udah buat lagu ini

Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor . 1 month ago

The boy is so sexy on the screen😭😭😭😭👅👅👅

neelu Sharma

neelu Sharma . 1 month ago

Beautiful song

jericho petra

jericho petra . 1 month ago

good joob man


MittyHam0 . 1 month ago

Percy Jackson? 😘

vincent mendez

vincent mendez . 1 month ago


Ray Allen Villanueva

Ray Allen Villanueva . 2 months ago

"Every day , Every hour Turn the pain into power"

Padam Januka

Padam Januka . 2 months ago

S Su Sup Supe Super Superh Superhe Superher Superhero Superheroe Superheroes . .❤

Rose Star

Rose Star . 2 months ago


Ruth Suhartatik

Ruth Suhartatik . 2 months ago

Song is a amazing

محاسن الحسن

محاسن الحسن . 2 months ago

very cool

محاسن الحسن

محاسن الحسن . 2 months ago


Mamta Pathak

Mamta Pathak . 2 months ago

When people don't realise that they are already superheroes, you To you Bhaskar, accept it.

Hope MinGi

Hope MinGi . 2 months ago

before lauv there was the script

Hafsa Mohamoud

Hafsa Mohamoud . 2 months ago

This brings back so many memories. I remember learning this in primary sch. I love this song 💞

Nina Pramesti

Nina Pramesti . 3 months ago

Love song...

Topa toples

Topa toples . 3 months ago



Willaxis . 3 months ago


Ikoy Kho

Ikoy Kho . 3 months ago

its so very nice song the script song is my favorate

Nicholas Grace

Nicholas Grace . 3 months ago

Still listening to the script even still today

Martial Man undisputed

Martial Man undisputed . 3 months ago


Julienjowieelip Elip

Julienjowieelip Elip . 3 months ago

Turn that pain into superpower!


ART BOI . 3 months ago

s su sup supe super superh superhe superher superhero superheroe superhereos

Zaid Donnes

Zaid Donnes . 3 months ago

my father is supehero, cause his always fight his pain

mz art

mz art . 3 months ago

2018 november!!

Airish Viscara

Airish Viscara . 4 months ago

This makes me cheer up

Rymond Burgos

Rymond Burgos . 4 months ago

2018 anyone????????

Yunita Meliana

Yunita Meliana . 4 months ago

Superheros doesnt always wearing costume and cap on them.Look at your family/friend.....and yourself.

L a n g o

L a n g o . 4 months ago

I Hope this well get to the top of the youtube video list

Hifzhil Alfatiri

Hifzhil Alfatiri . 4 months ago


Treasure_Of_Goals videos

Treasure_Of_Goals videos . 4 months ago

best song ever

Kawaii Yoshi

Kawaii Yoshi . 4 months ago

NARUTO Brings me here 😇😍💙❤

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