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Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software For YouTube


Published on 2 years ago

These are the top 5 free video editing software for making YouTube videos that are the best. There are so many free video editing options and there are a few I have not tried, so these are the best 5 free video editing programs I have used. Most of these free video editor software are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Avidemux: http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/index.html

iMovie: https://www.apple.com/imovie/

VideoPad Video Editor: http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/
(To continue using VideoPad after trial, uninstall, then re-install)

Lightworks: https://www.lwks.com/

Shotcut: https://shotcut.org/

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Rb and Toys

Rb and Toys . 4 days ago

Cool video...Any small Youtuber here, im subbing to everyone who subs me..lets support each together :)


Trending . 1 week ago

Videopad is not free, you have to pay after some time if I'm not wrong

Fun Time With Alexa

Fun Time With Alexa . 1 week ago


Willubhave One

Willubhave One . 2 weeks ago

I just use Movie Maker on Windows, but most users use Vegas Pro (not free) for professional editing 💻🖥⌨🖱🎥🎬📽📷💿

Tufan Kilinc

Tufan Kilinc . 2 weeks ago

Thank you !!

Bionic Rusty

Bionic Rusty . 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for posting this. I am new to video making and have been using Shotcut for a couple of weeks. Your tutorial is brilliant and much more helpful than others I’ve seen. I’ve posted one video to date and am working on another. ♥️



What software you use to edit your videos and how?

james guralski

james guralski . 2 weeks ago

The gopro full pc version is pretty good.. it let's you pick what video output you need. You can crop and splice too..


GMC . 3 weeks ago

Thank you for you video just what i was looking for , im going to download it and get working on making youtube vids .

Jase Malvis

Jase Malvis . 3 weeks ago

I'm having some problems with the number one option. I can import media files but it wont play any audio that I recorded with my microphone. THis is also the case for Movie Maker and other software. The the heck am I doing wrong?

The Not Dumb Podcast

The Not Dumb Podcast . 3 weeks ago

Is it possible to put the video from 2 seperate cameras on the screen at the same time with shot cut?

Murugesan Sankar

Murugesan Sankar . 3 weeks ago

what is your name


RandomSqueaker . 3 weeks ago

i used to use videopad, but it demanded after my first video that i buy to export

Vincent Traweek

Vincent Traweek . 3 weeks ago

How the hell do you download Shotcut? Everytime I try to download it, but there's a lady that talks and keeps telling me I have to download google extensions that arent even related to an editor. I couldnt even download it because my security wouldnt allow it to download an extension because it noticed malware. So I ask again how the hell do I download it?

Majestic Potato

Majestic Potato . 1 month ago

1:52 I actually got it before watching this but my problem is how to put a text on a clip not make a new clip

Amero Nau

Amero Nau . 1 month ago

Good video tutorial, thanks for sharing your knowledge, much appreciate it (y)

vilyver plaza

vilyver plaza . 1 month ago


Vnus Daneshparvar

Vnus Daneshparvar . 1 month ago

great that really helped for me !

Light Stain

Light Stain . 1 month ago

Sub for Sub? Just comment "Yes" in one of my videos, Any and ill sub to you i expect the sub too Thanks:)

Sibling Wars

Sibling Wars . 1 month ago

Can I edit green screen in any of these?

Big Mikey

Big Mikey . 1 month ago

Would I-movie work for Windows 10?


Dopasopa . 1 month ago

0:50 Big Chungus?


SASA MOMO . 1 month ago

thanks you rock


Demias . 1 month ago

using shotcut with nvidia recorded clips requires a conversion which is very time consuming.

Jimmy Carreras

Jimmy Carreras . 1 month ago

Very helpful thank you

True Motions Media

True Motions Media . 1 month ago

Let’s grow together guys! Sub and like ❤️

Br pixley

Br pixley . 2 months ago

Thanks so much!!!

fun times with Tom

fun times with Tom . 2 months ago

I have been looking into free video editibg software so i can start editing videos for YouTube and tge one software that keeps popping upbis Davinci Resolve but you dont list it in your top 5. Have you used this software?

Thomas Bishop

Thomas Bishop . 2 months ago

The thing Is Shotcut is a mlt file

Angie Maria

Angie Maria . 2 months ago

i'm not sure if I understood how to edit a video, i'm a starter I need something more simple , do you know another one?

Zelda Langrock

Zelda Langrock . 2 months ago

"Hamburger menu".... can't stop snickering like a dummie


MYSTERIOUS SOUL . 2 months ago

Why iMovie is not for Windows , 4example Windows7 ?


Gilkeylc . 2 months ago

hey man great video helped me out alot!

dhp ki vines

dhp ki vines . 2 months ago

sir thanks a lot thank you

The Golden Circle Movement

The Golden Circle Movement . 2 months ago

Namaste. Thank you for your knowledge and understanding


Team038 . 2 months ago

Thanks, I've been looking for an editor like videoPad for a while and I've got to say thank you so, so, much!


mrnice88x . 2 months ago

What's the first song you used??!


MrGamezLTU . 2 months ago

i just started youtubeng gameplay so i need a program to edit gameplay :)


TheDonutGuy7 . 2 months ago

does shotcut have a wetmark?


Cla . 2 months ago

sub to sub


DrJackHeart . 2 months ago

Who here is also making a YouTube channel?

d g

d g . 2 months ago

Great work.. Thanks for the video

DMM 199515

DMM 199515 . 2 months ago

You forgot KineMaster

Gamer Score

Gamer Score . 3 months ago

Shot cut is my favorite now.

Laniakea Lifestyle

Laniakea Lifestyle . 3 months ago

thanks! will try shotcut, i've been using lightworks but you can only export wav audio file, not mp3. looks like shotcut is much easier to use.


FuzzyWuzzyBumbleBear . 3 months ago

As a Kid i've always wanted to make private youtube vids :D

Stephen Guetterman

Stephen Guetterman . 3 months ago

I'm surprised they didn't use hitfilm

Stephen Guetterman

Stephen Guetterman . 3 months ago

Now do the top 5 video editors for pornhub

Jonathan Pratt

Jonathan Pratt . 3 months ago

Perfect teaching!!!

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New Lee Lee whatsup stats 2018 . 3 months ago

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