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Top 10 Highest Paid DJ In The World
Stars And Sports

Stars And Sports

Published on 4 years ago

Top 10 Highest paid DJ in the world , top ten DJ in the world, Top 10 Richest Dj in the world, top 10 most earning Djs in the world. Expensive DJ, Dj musics,richest Djs

Top 10 Richest DJ In The World 2015/2016

10) Deadmau5 ($16 million)
9) Skrillex ($16.5 million)
8) Kaskade ($17 million)
7) Zedd ($21 million)
6) Afrojack ($22 million)
5) Steve Aoki ($23 million)
4) Tiesto ($28 million)
3) Avicii ($28 million)
2) David Guetta ($30 million)
1) Calvin Harris ($66 million)

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Gaurav Paharva

Gaurav Paharva . 2 days ago

Can't believe

life with Pubg

life with Pubg . 6 days ago

Where is marshemallo

Hippy Trippy

Hippy Trippy . 2 weeks ago

28 millions was avicii payment and he committed a suicide! Guys we really need to look what happiness is


Zebra . 1 month ago

I love Avicii

weird ass girl

weird ass girl . 1 month ago

Where is Marshmello and Alan Walker??.

dub kingz official

dub kingz official . 1 month ago

Bruhh weres excision at

All Facts

All Facts . 2 months ago

Am i the only one who came just to see Alan walker??

Soumyashree Mandhata

Soumyashree Mandhata . 2 months ago

What about Martin n dj snake

Joy Gope

Joy Gope . 2 months ago

I am very angry 😠😠😠😠😠😠 my two favourite alan walker and dj snake is not in the list 😡😡😡😡😡

Max A.

Max A. . 2 months ago



GAMER guy . 3 months ago

where's martin garrix,alan walker and marshmellow


GAMER guy . 3 months ago



GAMER guy . 3 months ago

deadmau fans like this 👇


MHA TOPS . 3 months ago

AVICII forever

Krishna Jaykar

Krishna Jaykar . 3 months ago

Fuck ******* What About Dj Snake !

Sp3ctro Music

Sp3ctro Music . 3 months ago

Where is Martin Garrix and Hardwell

Kuya J

Kuya J . 4 months ago

Fuck where is Martin Garrix ,Alan Walker , DJ Snake and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike then Slushii ?

Mohd Sam

Mohd Sam . 4 months ago

Aero chord?

Wish Gaming

Wish Gaming . 4 months ago


Sajjan Singh

Sajjan Singh . 4 months ago

i thought that martin garrix will be there...

Priyanshi Kumbhkar

Priyanshi Kumbhkar . 4 months ago

alan walker??

SeaCreeper98 Gaming

SeaCreeper98 Gaming . 4 months ago

Marshmello is not included :( 🤬🖕🏻😾


UDIT BABERWAL . 5 months ago

Yes..Calvin Harris deserve it👍👍👍👍👍👍

Samantha Buckman

Samantha Buckman . 5 months ago

I heard marshmellos is one million!?

viral rockers

viral rockers . 5 months ago

where is marshmello

Rahul Sah

Rahul Sah . 5 months ago


Luis arrayeles

Luis arrayeles . 5 months ago


Byson Vasquez

Byson Vasquez . 6 months ago

R.I.P avicii

Mohan Abhinav

Mohan Abhinav . 6 months ago

Where are marshmello and martin garrix?


sanny . 6 months ago

https://youtu.be/I5iviWkdiCw.....whit passion

Kishan Chawla

Kishan Chawla . 6 months ago

Rip Avicii.

Kanchan Verma

Kanchan Verma . 6 months ago

Where is martin garrix????????😱😱😱😱😨😨😨


Marshmello . 6 months ago

Where is Marshmello

Ilektra Mav

Ilektra Mav . 6 months ago


Moaiz Yt

Moaiz Yt . 6 months ago


Melanie Ramirez

Melanie Ramirez . 6 months ago

Calvin Harris 4 life

Smita Sahoo

Smita Sahoo . 6 months ago

Where's my favorite Alan Walker ???

Đx Jübøřæž

Đx Jübøřæž . 7 months ago

Where Is Dj Snake..?

Lets have 5 million subscribers Without any videos

Lets have 5 million subscribers Without any videos . 7 months ago

Calvin Harris: 66million $ In my mind Me:1000million $


BHANDARI HARIOM . 7 months ago



ananas . 7 months ago

Avicii 💜

Gunjan Parashar

Gunjan Parashar . 7 months ago

Calvin Harris is the best

Nirmol Das

Nirmol Das . 8 months ago

Very bed

WaFu WaFu

WaFu WaFu . 8 months ago

Alan walker and marshmello is the best

Music/paranormal kid

Music/paranormal kid . 8 months ago

Rip avicii

Santachu Walker

Santachu Walker . 8 months ago

Alan Walker the DJ God of Electronic musics. So God will bless Alan Walker too.

Philip He

Philip He . 8 months ago

Martin garrix?

Nayan Bordoloi

Nayan Bordoloi . 8 months ago


king king99

king king99 . 8 months ago

But I love you skrillex

azulhairy 17

azulhairy 17 . 8 months ago

Avicii T_T

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